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PURE Guest.001 ڭليثر GLITTER ٥٥ 

Compatible sounds penetrate the Mediterranean to the Western world.


ڭليثر Glitter ٥٥ is from the Atlas. Her journey has taken her from the Ocean district of Rabat to the North of France where she brought her family Chaabi music to the shabby bars. Currently based in Paris, the Moroccan born DJ keeps on refining her sound between the music of the Western world and the futurism of techno. 

Originally from Morocco, DJ, manager and vocalist she is one of the spearheads of the current new Arabic electronic music scene. With influences ranging from Chaabi music to Rai to futuristic techno, her Atāy Time show ( Podcast by Rinse France takeover by ڭليثر Glitter ٥٥ ) is built with the intention to showcase diversity.

ڭليثر Glitter ٥٥ started shining when she arrived in Paris at the age of 24. Her performance at Transmusicales de Rennes in 2018 push the young artist forwards into the electronic world from her session for Boiler Room at Festival Le Bon Air in Marseille to major festivals like Nuits Sonores or We Love Green. Now, she is continuing her journey into some of the most demanding clubs such as La Machine du Moulin Rouge, Concrete both located in Paris. She's also just started her own residency called FISSA in Paris. 


PURE G Select: 

ڭليثر Glitter ٥٥ & Cheb Runner شاب رانر Air Maghrib [Ransom Note Records]

Damâa (feat.ڭليثر Glitter ٥٥) Malcolm [Biologic]

Spiral Column (feat.ڭليثر Glitter ٥٥) Sébastien Forrester [Kowtow Records]


Do you think there has been a Soundscape surrounding you since your childhood? Does it influence your preferences towards certain timbres or atmospheres while you select tunes?


Yes definitely. I grew up in Morocco in a family who was listening a lot of music from different genres : Gnawa from Essaouira, Algerian Raï, popular music like Chaabi  or Maghreb Fusion. But the main influence of my mixes is probably about the idea of trance and percussions.

The singularity of the rhythmic is one of the things I'm the most focused on.


How and where was the mix recorded?


It was recorded with the usual combo : 2 CDJs, 1 Xone and rekordbox.

Also, I am currently moving house so it's been recorded between two homes.


Can you tell us the idea behind the mix? Any favorites you want to highlight? 


It's supposed to sound like a spontaneous ride. A forecast for the reopening of the clubs and the excitement around it as well as the reunion between people.

As far as highlights are concerned, I'd say an artist from Morocco Guedra Guedra, the Egyptian Oldyungmayn, DJ Moro from China.

How do you think of the differences between the rave scenes around you (your country) and other countries (cultures) ? Have you ever been to one that left you a greatest impression? 


The moroccan scene is booming. There are quite a lot of pioneers in different genres but there's a lack of places for expression so the rave scene is often hidden and intermits.

When I arrived in France at the age of 16, I can say I slowly really discovered the culture of club music and the excitement around it. To name a few, it was something special to be immersed in those very major places of the scene such as Concrete, La Machine du Moulin Rouge or La Station in Paris, Le Sucre in Lyon or La Friche de la Belle de Mai for Festival Le Bon Air in Marseille.

Apart from DJ, how would you define your role in the entire rave scene? 


Being a woman in the music realm gives you a special role. Being Moroccan is also an other challenge as there's definitely a lack of visibility.

To promote the outsiders and "racialized" people is one of my main focus and the idea behind "FISSA."


There's also a fight about the struggles of mobility for those people which is something I've been confronted to myself. This one fight is really important for me.


Which artists or labels have pricked your ears recently? Could you share with us some of your favorite movies or artists?


I'd like to mention the Palestinian scene with the label BLTNM. They are really engaged politically and they are doing their best to highlight the local scene.

To speak about my country, I'd also like to mention the collective Soleil Traître for whom I've done a mix recently with artists like Ojoo Gyal, Daox. Also this artist called MM, this is his latest album "Massive Music" released on Even The Strong.


As far as other arts are concerned, I am really into photography. There's a moroccan collective called Koz Collective I really love.

Also, Joseph Ouechen and Mous Lamrabat are personal favourite. They let me used their pictures as covers for some of my mixes.


Last but not least, you should definitely check out the work of DR.ME, the graphic designer from Manchester I work with from day one. They've recently published a book which is a collection of 10 years of work. It's a masterpiece.


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