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PURE Guest.002 Roe Deers

An expert creates curious and changeful sounds from Lithuania.


Roe Deers is a Lithuanian-based DJ/Producer aka Liudas Lazauskas is an active member of the Lithuanian nightlife scene for more than ten years. A regular at the infamous Opium club and other local hot spots came under "Roe Deers" moniker back in 2014. Since then, he's been pushing the boundaries and exploring the uncharted territories with the different shades of dirty electronic music via OMNIDISC, NEIN RECORDS, Throne Of Blood imprints. 


Being 11 years old, he got a turntable and a mixer, he started collecting pieces of vinyl and practiced mixing technique at parents' nightclub.  Eventually, he started playing at club Venues in Lithuania, few years after across the Europe. Then he began his music story and let music talks itself. Spending more than 15 years behind the turntables performing at clubs and produced electronic music, Liudas became significantly well equipped with rich musical knowledge across many genres of electronic music. He have enthralled the nights of endless audiences in many clubs in Europe by delivering well blended electronic music.


You never know what you will get from Roe Deers. The way how he would describe sound would be "From old-school style up to disco and from soulful to deep new wave a combination of disco, rock & house."


PURE G Select:

Roe Deers Arpa [NEIN RECORDS] 

Roe Deers Prince [XLR8R]

Roe Deers Voodoo Gym [Turbo Recordings]

RD-3 by Alina Pasiuk.jpg


Do you think there has been a Soundscape surrounding you since your childhood? Does it influence your preferences towards certain timbres or atmospheres while you select tunes?


For sure, I grew up in the family, where music takes place 100%. My dad is an ex DJ, so I was surrounded by Italo Disco, rock and eurodance since my first steps on earth. 


How and where was the mix recorded?


In my studio, with the first summer sun through the windows. 


Could you tell us the idea behind the mix? Any favorites you want to highlight? 


Classic recipe of something new, forgotten and weird for your missed dance moment. With so exclusives from my friends and me too. 

Would you like to use this occasion to introduce one of your album or tracks? What was the concept of it?


My latest EP was debut on the legendary Turbo Recordings, "Voodoo Gym" with 4 original tracks, based on heavy percussion and a good slice of bass. 

At the end of July I released my second EP on Playground Records, it's called "Swing Ride." True 4x4 experience, with hope to be tested on the dancefloor! 

How do you think of the differences between the rave scenes around you (your country) and other countries (cultures) ? Have you ever been to one that left you a greatest impression?


I think all rave scenes are very different, and it's unique as all aspects of our native culture. People have different languages around the world, and totally different approaches to dancing, as well as music taste. 

Apart from DJ, how would you define your role in the entire rave scene?


To be only a DJ these day it's totally not enough. From my side I probably have all elements of this machine - I started as a DJ, later got into music producing, runned my radio show for 10 years, was club agenda manager and now I am starting to run our label with my friend called "Good Skills".

Which artists or labels have pricked your ears recently? Could you share with us some of your favorite movies or artists?

It's always hard to say favourites, but recently I was in love with the new Simple Symmetry album, Australian House music reborn by Eden Burns and Vanessa Worm




Panorama Channel Natochil Topor

Andrea Tempo Demolition

Omar Joesoef Morning World 

Hadi Zeidan Friend Request (Autarkic Remix)

Shkema Ispanija 

Alvaro Cabana Amor Salvaje (Paulor Remix)

Rodion, Mammarella Cerro Gordo feat. Mijo

Roe Deers Swing Ride (Original Mix) 

Stevie R, Parisinos Yiare (Mytron Remix)

Adrian Marth Hypnotic Eyes (Geneva Jacuzzi Remix)

In Flagranti Brash & Vulgar

Tal Fussman Objection

Macho I'm A Man (Edit By Mr. K)

Bottin Palmy Days

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