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PURE Guest.004 DJ Mantis

An affectionate sparkle radiates in Berlin.


No stone is left unturned in the realm of Trance adjacent gems when Berlin-based DJ Mantis presents one of his ever-surprising mixes. The excessive dive into anything from Hardcore to Hardstyle combined with his output of genre-blending productions landed him a spot at the very first Boiler Room HARD DANCE.


He has brought a signature euphoric energy around Europe and the list of adventurous mixes keeps growing — Possession, If-Only, Live From Earth, Club Cringe, Low Income $quad, Voight-Kampff and his show "Heartstyle" on PRR!!! PRR!!!. 


"I invite you all to experience a state of apparent weightlessness as we go Hard Trance skydiving. We will be free-falling with faulty parachutes but we can expect a great view of the burning globe accompanied by symphonic Hard House." DJ Mantis

PURE G Select:

DJ Mantis  light is knowledge [nrgproduct]

DJ Mantis thunder in our hearts [nrgproduct]

DJ Mantis swans 1k​ [nrgproduct]

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Could you give us a quick background of your life? Where you’re from, how music followed you, and where you’re at now? When did you start DJ and what was the fate of the beginning?

I grew up in a very small town in Denmark. I spent all my time playing instruments and being on the internet.

I had been posting Hardcore and Hard trance mixtapes for a while and then a friend randomly asked if I wanted to close a party which resulted in everyone leaving after the first few tracks haha.

Do you think there has been a Soundscape surrounding you since your childhood? Does it influence your preferences towards certain timbres or atmospheres while you select tunes?


I always go for tracks that are good for day dreaming. I would always day dream in school and on public transportation.

How and where was the mix recorded?


In my living room with two CDJs and mixer while being slightly incapacitated in my left arm because of the vaccine.


Could you tell us the idea behind the mix? Any favorites you want to highlight? 


Some tracks work better listening at home rather than in the club so I took the opportunity to highlight some great trance tracks with unconventional productions.


Would you like to use this occasion to introduce one of your album or tracks? What was the concept of it?

I was invited to contribute to the soundtrack for an exhibition exploring emerging  patterns in noise. The sounds in my track are made with modern digital noise reduction tools used wrongly to bring out the artifacts when the algorithms are overworked. 

The full soundtrack has been collected in a compilation [Apophenia OST] that released on the 29th of July.

How do you think of the differences between the rave scenes around you (your country) and other countries (cultures) ? Have you ever been to one that left you a greatest impression?


I like when people can express themselves and are not asked to fulfill some romantic rave experience. You can often feel the difference depending on the culture. Raving is a good opportunity to learn about yourself and the people around you which is why I usually prefer the smaller parties.

Apart from DJ, how would you define your role in the entire rave scene?

Afterparty enjoyer.

Which artists or labels have pricked your ears recently? Could you share with us some of your favorite movies or artists?

I really like the revival of electronica. It has a very different flavor this time:

Dance All Day - w/Luca Rain, The Pattern - Salome

Also cute midwest pop songs (scrollpunk):

Checking In With The Old Gang(Glitchlette version) - Default Genders 

Recently I really enjoyed:

Boogiepop Phantom ‘ブギーポップは笑わない’ (2000)

Birth (2004)

Arizona Dream (1993)

Photo Credit: George Nebieridze



Audiolush Take Me Away (Andre Pascal Remix)

Syntone Can't Believe It (Silverblue Remix)

Jonas Steur Castamara

 Ferry Corsten Sweet Sorrow (Thrillseekers Remix)

Jesselyn Celestine

Ace's Delight Mental Theme (Ultra Trance Mix)

Divine Inspiration The Way (Put Your Hand In My Hand) [Friday Night Posse Remix]

Apogee Feat Lisa Abbott Every Step (Festival Mix)

Andy Prinz Chaos In Motion (And-E & Mac Lane Mix)

Space Cat In the Air

JK Crank It Up (MDA & Spherical Remix)

Elements Captivate (Original Mix)

Hixxy Sacrifice (Technikal Remix)

Rodi Style & Ben Stevens U Got 2 Know

K-Series 1998

Tekneak & James Nardi Hardware

Alfy X The Orange Theme

Rollergirl Dear Jessie (HyperionORBIT Rink Rash Speed Mix)

Mike Koglin & DJ UTO No Challenge No Success (Time) (David Con G Vs. DJ Nell Remix)

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