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PURE Guest.013 Schacke

Dance with the light and fast beats adorned melody from Copenhagen.


The Danish DJ/Producer Schacke. He made the Copenhagen techno scene looks different with his fast beats and trance-inspired sense of melody. Music has attracted him since he was a child. He started a band with friends when he was fifteen. He had turned into an electronic music producer five years later, and released many well-known works within just a few years of starting his creative career. In 2014, Schacke established his industrial and noise labelMoral Defeat. At that time, he temporarily parted ways with techno that he had started producing in 2012. He released countless works under the label with different artist names and explored the unfamiliar boundaries. Also, he went back and played in bands at the same time.


Techno gradually occupied Schacke's time again in 2017. The following year, he let more people know about his unique sound through his track "Automated Lover" on Courtesy's label release album "Kulør 001," and the experience of Moral Defeat also influenced his current style. Soon, more works such as the EP "Met Her at the Herrensauna" by Interstate Records and "Welcome to the Pleasure Dome" by Instruments of Discipline in 2019. Besides, his alias "Dimensionhopper" was used for hard trance productions. He earned residency of the St. Petersburg's DIY nightclub Клуб. Although the club has ceased business, it continued as a music label under the name Kisloty. Schacke used samples from several well-known Russian pop music songs and released it on the EP "Клуб Навсегда," the track "Kisloty People" became one of the most popular hits that year. 


Now he has recently released ambient and experimental music on labels like Posh Isolation, Janushoved, and Fallen Metropolis He is a resident Dj and organizer of the Bedside Productions parties in Copenhagen and besides that, he has recently been making soundtracks for fashion shows and movies.

PURE G Select:

Schacke  A Future Not Materialized [Kulør]

Schacke  Iron Pillar [Ismus Berlin]

Schacke  Forever In Total Negation [Intrepid Skin]




After reading your rich musical experience, do you think there are sound elements that can run through from your previous band period to the present?

Yes, as I am getting older I am realizing more and more that everything in my creative journey is connected. I think all my outputs, musical and visual essentially come from the same place, my inner universe you could call it.

What kind of hardware and software do you usually use for producing?

Usually just my computers and a bunch of effect pedals, occasionally some different kinds of microphones and tape players. The essence of my sound comes from an extensive sample library that I have built up over many years, recordings from gear, field recordings, and resamples of resamples. All my tracks feature sounds from this personal sample library. I'm still putting everything together in Ableton Live 9 because I'm old school like that.

Schacke and Dimensionhopper represent different fields of productions. What goals do you hope to achieve through these two names?

Dimensionhopper was just a side project and I doubt that I will do more with that because I'm not really into Hard Trance anymore. Schacke started out as just my techno output but I've recently become more comfortable releasing ambient and experimental tracks under that name. I will continue to expand the styles of music I release but I will definitely also start more new side projects for concepts that I don't feel fits with Schacke. Maybe a House alias is on the way? maybe some pop or reggaeton. I wanna do a lot of different music, but limited time and priorities are probably the reason why I don't have a hundred different side projects now.




How do you think of the differences between the rave scenes around you (your country) and other countries (cultures) ? Have you ever been to one that left you a greatest impression?

The scene in Copenhagen is unique to me because it seems so local while still being quite big and constantly growing, most of us who make music have known each other for a long time. The scene is struggling a lot at the moment unfortunately, our government does not acknowledge the importance of our scene and we have way too few clubs. Party organizers are finding it harder and harder to get locations because everything gets gentrified to shit and it's honestly becoming a serious problem now. Lots of locations have been lost recently and I fear that party organizers will be pushed further and further out of town in order to find locations that won't be torn down or closed by police because of noise complaints from entitled citizens who don't care about culture. Danish citizens really like to complain about the noise.


As for other scenes around the world, Ukraine is my new love. Especially the K41 club in Kyiv blew my mind completely, I will definitely return there, as a guest or a Dj, I don't care, that place is next level! Colombia and New York are also some beautiful cute places for techno and I've met incredibly amazing people over there.

Apart from DJ, how would you define your role in the entire rave scene?

Before I was a Dj I was a raver and I am still a slave to the floor, I just love dancing to good music and I haven't stopped going out just because I've transitioned into a serious techno career. I'm gonna ride till I can't no more!


Apart from that I consider myself a bit of a teacher now, I've been finding great personal value in helping new local talents get better at producing, inviting people over to my studio to help them with a few tricks for mixing, eq'ing and structuring tracks. 


I've recently also gotten more involved with party organizing for the Bedside Productions parties, a sex-positive fetish/kink rave where I have been a resident Dj since the beginning. From now on I will take a bigger part in the organizing side of these parties, handling bookings and running the SoundCloud.

Which artists or labels have pricked your ears recently? Could you share with us some of your favorite movies or artists?

I've really been digging an old label called Touché recently, a weird mix of House, Techno, and Trance, some real gems in there. Also Greek underground labels like Vanila and Magdalena's Apathy are quite interesting to me although it's not really the kind of stuff I play too much. I'm also obsessed with the new track "Baby Teeth" by Alice Glass at the moment and also listening to a lot of female reggaeton artists like Bad Gyal, Mariah Angeliq, Ms Nina, and Maria Becerra.

For movies I've been getting back into some fucked up french titles, Climax and Titane are two I've watched recently that made a great impression. 

For art I would say that my all time favorite is H. R. Giger, I was lucky to see his exhibition with Mire Lee in Berlin and it did not disappoint. Their works fit very well together and I would really recommend seeing them. I believe it will be there until January 2. I'm also getting back into doing visual art myself, something that I did a lot when I was younger before music started taking over the majority of my life. Maybe I will show some of my paintings soon.



Schacke – To The Outer Limits And Back

DJ Spider & Phil Moffa – Midnight Never Ends

Peachlyfe – Changeable as in Liquid 

Fodra – Titrexi

Schacke – Take You To Ecstasies

PTU – Mstera

Schacke – Artificial Intercourse

Courtesy – Night Journeys III (Schacke Remix)

Ezy – Die Anyway

Markus Suckut – Shine

M@rty Epitom – Good Morning

DJ IBON – Maur

Sugar – Dismal Supper (Schacke Remix)

Trawmade – Tartora 

Virgo – CYBR (Schacke Remix) 

Crystal Castles – Suffocation (HEALTH Remix)

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