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PURE Guest.014 Fade

Find different colors of the shimmering sounds amid the deep reverberations.


After listening to Fade's work, it is clear that she is a DJ and producer with a clear voice. Weaving together dark and emotive bass, breakbeat and techno sounds, her mixes are synonymous with her hard-hitting style, that embraces experimental and forward-thinking productions. 

In 2016, Fade co-founded the label Of Paradise with her partner, which has since grown into a well-respected imprint, responsible for acclaimed releases such as Oall Hates "Tranceporter," Stratton "Hardcore Live Forever," Fiesta Soundsystem "Not To Be" and their popular VA series "Of Paradise Vol. 4," which has featured her own productions. As a producer, Fade is carving out her own unique sound that draws upon her taste in experimental and moody dance music. And she is open to any music from different genres. As well as releases on her own label, she is undertaking various remixes set for release in 2022 and is currently working on her debut EP. 


Having provided mixes for the likes of Fold, Programm, Bubble Bath, Bicep and more, Fade can also be found hosting regular shows for radio stations such as Rinse France, Operator and dublab




Could you tell us the idea behind the mix? Is there any favorites you want to highlight? 

When I start working on a mix, I tend to follow my instinct and not overthink it. I generally go with how I’m feeling in the moment and something will grow from that. I have been listening to some really amazing experimental music this past year, which is pushing the boundaries of bass, breaks and techno, and I’ve included some great examples of that in this mix.

What is the most challenging part to you of running the label?

There are many challenges when running a label, but I think right now all labels have been hit pretty hard by the pandemic. Delays at pressing plants and the rising cost of distribution caused by Brexit has made pressing vinyl more difficult this past year. It has slowed us down considerably but we are working on some new digital projects and have an exciting schedule of releases in place for 2022, so things are looking better. 

Apart from DJ, how would you define your role in the entire rave scene?

I have a few roles that include not only DJing, but of course running the label, producing my own music and forever a music collector. I don’t see one as being more important than the other, I love it all and I feel very grateful to have support from people who are into what I do and what we do as a label. I began as just a dancer in the club, and now I’m doing all of this. It can be crazy, but I’m glad to be a part of it all.




How do you think of the differences between the rave scenes around you (your country) and other countries (cultures) ? Have you ever been to one that left you a greatest impression?

One thing I notice outside of the UK is a wider age demographic in clubs and at music events. In the UK it feels very young when you go out. In my experience of clubs outside of the UK, there can be a wide range of ages in the crowd, and not just people who want to party, but people who are there as music lovers and enjoy a good sound system in a cool space. It would be great in the UK if there were more possibilities to open up clubs or do nights in more interesting larger spaces, but there are not many derelict places left near the cities to take advantage of


Which artists or labels have pricked your ears recently? Could you share with us some of your favorite movies or artists?

There are so many artists and labels that I come across which sound so interesting and are doing some really great stuff, plus all of the artists we work with on the label are such an inspiration. Here are a few that I have come across recently...

Artists: Batu, Atrice, Blood Trust, Thugwidow, Design Default, Werk Music, Deena Abdelwahed, Low End Activist (and too many more to mention)


Labels: Vista Recordings, YUKU, UVB-76 Music, Club Night Club, Berceuse Heroique, Awkwardly Social

You are our first guest in 2022! Any wishes for this new year? 

I wish this year is a little kinder to us than last year. And a few gigs would be nice.



Batu – I Own Your Energy

Walton – SBWYS

Impurity – Blót

Nihiloxica – Bwola (BFTT’s Swamped Edit)

Herron – Dead Frogs Down by Club Night Club

Esther – Carmine

20kPa – Procedure

Low End Activist – Circle Speak

Martyn X Om Unit – Shapes

D3U5E & Gav – They Choose You

Alex R – Last Attempt

Simo Cell – Whispers

Hassan Abou Alam – Breathe

Atrice – Q

Chalo – Mirage

Victoria Mussi – Ecdysis

Om Unit – Autumn Shadows

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