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PURE Guest.015 XIИ

A wide selection of tracks from 1988 to 2022, for bedroom use only.


I'm the founder of PURE G. Growing up, I was surrounded by classical music and learned to play the violin and piano. While I studied fashion design during my college years, I discovered electronic music purely by chance. I have been fully immersed in the world of electronic music since then. 


Take this opportunity to share the music I often listen to when I chill at home recently. Before I start doing a mix, I usually create a vibe that matches the theme I want to explore. For this particular mix under my brand, the theme will be the hybrid of modern technology with primitive life forms. Everything in the world always reshapes and constantly changes itself, while I only want to blend myself into the ever-changing forms, trace the intriguing and unpredictable routes, and experience the feeling of being constantly stretched and squeezed in between the rhythms. In other words, I want the music to deliver a sense of back and forth instead of keeping pushing on. 


The thing I find truly interesting is that I can continue dealing with different music genres and choosing different directions each time. Therefore, my audience will also need to rethink every time if they truly like me and PURE G.





The-Drum Heat

Robert Leiner – Out Of Control

The Orb – Into The Fourth Dimension

Richard H. Kirk – Come

Killing Time – 既知との遭遇

Earth Frequency – Betawave

The Ambush – Casablanca

Astral Engineering – Untitled

雷光夏 Summer Lei – Ocean of the Small Town

Ludwig A.F. Röhrscheid – Xyloduo

Matrix – Slow Drift

Skee Mask – Routine

upsammy – Zona

Eartheater – How To Fight

|||||||||||||||||||| – Electric Rated Gesture

|||||||||||||||||||| – Exoteric Resistance

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