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PURE Guest.017 L1H

The aqua blue painted overture performed in vigorous early spring.


I am the co-founder of PURE G. Grew up in Mandarin and Korean pop music as normal Asian kids. The streaming platforms had changed the genre surrounding me when I was in high school. Since then, I have been captivated by electronic music. After being an audience for almost a decade, I decided to share music with people on DJ Booth.

I usually dig out music from 1990 to 2010, and the sounds from that time could always resonate with me. The evolution of technology has brought more convenience and changes to music production and DJing. But I still yearn for the old technology of earlier generations and hope to connect more with the sounds that gave birth to these cultures as I continue to move forward.




BT – Embracing The Future (Embracing The Sunshine Mix)

The Truffle Tribe – Hi-Class Tribe 

Placid Angles – Now & Always

Aquarhythms – Heart Seqs. (Rabbit In The Moon Remix)

X-Press 2 – I Want You Back

Mijk Van Dijk  Sub-C

X-Press 2 – Angel

System 7 – Rite of Spring

Lee Douglas  KISSES

X-Press 2 – The Ending

Robert Leiner  Aqua Viva

Banco De Gaia – Obsidian (feat. Jennifer Folker)

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