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PURE Guest.018 Zvrra

Stable steering for smooth and unhindered travel at speed.


The 2003 video game "Midnight Club 2" was the starting point of Zvrra's love of the genre. The electronic dance soundtrack of it deeply attracted her. Since that, she's been dreaming up her genre-drifting productions that have ranged from industrial to tribal, hip hop, ambient, and house, showcasing her meticulous approach to sound and a distinct sense of texture and atmosphere.


Alongside producing and DJing, she also works in the world of video game development, a field that, when it comes to style and concepts, has continued to feed into her musical outputs. She has garnered much attention in the dance music scene for her 2020 release "Flow State" by Rare Type, a hypnotic 4-track techno EP that has been supported by acts such as Shifted, Ron AD and more. Flow State was featured in Bandcamp's Best Electronic Music January 2021 round-up, acclaimed by Joe Muggs as "bass-heavy, crackling with textural detail, sensually enveloping."


"It just seems like my mind is on autopilot creative-wise, and draws inspiration from whatever I see, translating it into an audio form: unheard music pops up into my head solely off certain imagery. That right there is how a lot of my music is made in my world. With "Bizzaroland" there was more of a concept: I wanted to show off, and with guidance, it was put together in a proper fashion." Zvrra talked about her debut album "Bizzaroland" by Avian in a previous interview.




Is there any favorites you would like to highlight in this mix?

Femme Synthetic Embedded Dreams 

4STR0 Cr-Mo

Can you tell us about the concept of your latest album "Origins" ?

The cover art of Origins is from an old abandoned home I used to live right next to and I'd walk past it quite often. The concept of Origins basically is the sound of an abandoned home in an urban area. Origins pays homage to witch house music and the other dark electronic waves that were popular in the early 2010s. Even the mixing styles I used were reminiscent of the experimentation within the genre. Lots of people didn't have experience with mixing and then mastering their tracks back then so the sound took an interesting form off that alone as well.

From the beginning of "Bizzaroland", I could feel the beat of the tracks was different from your previous EPs, what made this change?

It's been a style I've been wanting to express but didn't have the organization up until recently. I think just with age that sound is where I've headed naturally too. The sharp abrasive sounds can be linked to today's times sprinkled in with fantasy.




What kind of software and hardware do you use for music producing or DJing?

For software I use Ableton and FL Studio 20. I've been using FL Studio for about 19 years and Ableton 10 or so. I'm more of a digital producer and I love plugins. I don't have much hardware I just use my Alesis v 125 Midi Keyboard along with my Akai MPK 49.


Do you think your music productions and mixes are present in different atmospheres?

Yes they're in different atmospheres, but often they cross realms to hold hands.

What artists(music) or labels have pricked your ears recently? Can you share with us some of your favorite movies or artist(art)?

I've been loving the SRIE Records catalog. It's really right up my alley when it comes to sci fi techno. Translate and Matteo Cortese are some of my favorites on SRIE.


Another great artist I’ve been listening to who self-releases often is my good friend twofold with their gorge, mecha and techno releases. (twofold's bandcamp)

There's so many great artists I've been into lately. I've dug through bandcamp until there were no more search results in some of the genres.



Substak Act

A Humanoid Individual Reiterate

Zvrra Unreleased

Femme Synthetic Embedded Dreams

3Ddancer Prehistoric Safari

Zvrra Unreleased

Art Gsus  M

Chlär It's A Common Thing


D. Strange Earth Chrome Loop

DJ Stingray NWO

North Side Rebel Rafaga Virtual Delusions (TraxxGender Remix)

D. Strange Lock Leak

Zvrra Unreleased

Zvrra Unreleased

4STR0 Cr-Mo

Runi Graph The Tail Begins To Wag The Dog [part i]

Unknown Artist Song A (Original Mix)

Unicure Horizon (Original Mix)

Zvrra Unreleased

Lady Maru Evil system

Kosei Fukuda – Kouya (Tobias. Remix)

Zvrra Can I Just Relax (Original Mix)

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