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PURE Guest.021 Ciel

A progressive tour that rises between bright and gloomy.


Either in the middle of the day or in the middle of the night, Valesuchi distinctly translates the vast mixture of her timeless and fertile sonic research, embodied as a big list of questions that has grown at an unpredictable pace through her music production and DJ craft, since she was 15 years old.

With precision and purpose she stitches and improvises a message, looking to blend each crowd’s shadow, expansive aliveness and sometimes hidden sense of humour. By choosing people’s bodies as a limitless answer, Valesuchi rides the rhythm until there’s not much ice left to melt.

Never a lazy digger, the tools she has come from her background in Santiago’s risky gatherings and from the lessons learnt at the uncomparable raves she’s played all over Brazil. She chose Rio de Janeiro as her homebase in 2017, a place where techno, funk, desire and danger coexist.





Omar Contri – B1_ITWLP003_004
Doctor Jeep – Dimension
Flore – Evidence (Azu Tiwaline remix)
Leo Pol – Brazil (Vocal by Keke)
Böhm – Maniacally
INVT & Nicholas G. Padilla – Dia Mundial
Valesuchi – Autopoietic Unboxing
Isabel Lewis – Erotic Love As Sociability Original Performance Mix
Nuron – Eau Rouge
Borderlinestate – Red Lines have an end
Phyzical Flex – Ritual
Erik Luebs – Alarmed
John Shima – Prototype
Tom Place – Liberation
James Bangura – Tribeca
Capetini – Baile Maneirissimo
Junn – Desposeer (Lunate Remix)
Bango – Mystical Adventures


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