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PURE Guest.022 Ciel

Wherever this express passes, all murk will be swept away.


Ciel is a Xi'an-born and Toronto-based music producer, DJ, pianist, and radio presenter. She is the creator of Work in Progress, a women-artist-prioritizing concert series in Toronto; a co-founder of the immersive multidisciplinary events platform It's Not U It's Me; and a co-owner of Toronto electronic music label Parallel Minds. She hosts a monthly radio show on Rinse FM in London, UK and is a member of the internationally-renowned women & LGBTQIA+ DJ collective, Discwoman. Her debut EP "Electrical Encounters" came out on UK label Peach Discs in 2017 to acclaim. She followed that up with the "Hundred Flowers" EP on London's Coastal Haze and a 4-tracker on Ghostly International's sister label, Spectral Sound. Her next record, "Trojan Horse" was released in 2020 on NYC label Thanks for Enlightening Me, and she dropped her 5th EP "All We Have Is Each Other" on storied NYC label Mister Saturday Night in late 2021.

Throughout this time, Ciel has also found inspiration in the studio making music with others. She released her first collaborative 
"Faerie Stomp" EP as Psychedelic Budz with Berlin-based artist D.Tiffany on Planet Euphorique in the first year of covid-19 lockdowns. Her next collaborative "The Limit" EP with Toronto-based Dan Only as Cloudsteppers came out on X-Kalay Records in 2022. Expect more collaborative projects forthcoming with American artist Ali Berger and UK producer Kilig, as well as a follow-up Cloudsteppers EP.

In 2021 she debuted a live PA of all original production at
Mutek and plans to release her first full-length album in 2022.

"I made this mix while on tour in Europe for the first time in over two years of pandemic lockdowns. Being back in the clubs here have really inspired me to make a banging techno mix. During the pandemic I found myself falling in love (again) with Midwest American techno, 90s British & Irish techno, and even some Swedish techno. I found myself even making some techno in the studio. Of course they all have a vibrance and effervescence that I can't help but inject into all my music, so this mix is perhaps not really a mix for techno purists, but rather a techno mix for dance music fans who like a little bit of everything just like me. I hope you guys enjoy it." Ciel



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