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Flexible shifts move calmly in between the irregular with forward-thinking.


Some DJs have a knack for putting unrelated things together and putting them together in incredible harmony. They use their vast musical knowledge and delicate skills to take you through a variety of genres and carve out a whole new sound all to themselves with the music they pick. KATRINA is one of these. Her music is identifiably UK, sure, but there are not a lot of other people in Taipei who play like she does. She feeds her cat with left hand and arranges music with right hand, after many days of self-precipitation, she has recently returned to the dance forest, KATRINA has learned to release various moves of all kinds of genres and tempos in the in-between spaces she thrives in, it is undefinable and unpredictable.


Her sets fuse sonic experimentation and the bass-heavy energy from clubs around the world (bass, techno, garage, dubstep, dancehall, breakbeat, leftfield, etc.) You might as well listen to her Mixtape released on NTS, SIREN, Noods Radio, c- and other well-known radio stations and labels, maybe you will know something.

"This Mix was completed in a busy schedule. I haven't recorded this kind of mid tempo set for a while. There are a lot of off beats, and the bass is as much as usual. The groove has a high frequency change. I hope you like it!" KATRINA




Beneath – Dark Waters

T++ – Audio 1995#8_2 (Original Mix)

Ctrls – Your Data 

Wanton Witch – Scapegoat 


Roza Terenzi & D.Tiffany – Melting Ladies

GiGi FM – Manas (PST)

Beautiful Swimmers – Life

Orlando Voorn – Esaps X

Beneath – A Shrill Manner

Herron – Noroveerno

Skee Mask – Zzodiac

Bruce – Longshot

Toma Kami – X Flies

Significant Other – Drum Therapy

Don Zilla – Bujingo

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