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PURE Guest.024 KMRU

Sound can be found everywhere in your life, smooth out the ripples in your heart.


Currently studying sonic arts in Berlin, Joseph Kamaru aka KMRU is a Nairobi-born, Berlin-based sound artist whose work and experimentation with sound resides in the realms (and discourse thereof) of field recordings, found sound and improvisation. His work contains a humbling weightless-ness that feels transportive and equally validated & rooted by the fusing with audible ephemera, street noise and human musingsan expanded listening cultures of sonic thoughts and sound practices; sometimes a question or proposition to consider and reflect on auditory cultures beyond perceived norms. 


His albums, 2020's "Peel", "Opaquer", "Jar" and 2021's "Logue" have received high praise from Pitchfork, Resident Advisor, DJ Mag, NPR, and Crack Magazine. He recently released "Limen", a collaborative album with Aho Ssan on Subtext. KMRU is also a part of SHAPE platform roster of artists for 2021, performs globally and has presented works at CTM Festival, Berlin Atonal, Mutek ES/CA, Barbican, Munich Museum, MAAT. In 2022, he performed with the London Contemporary Orchestra and then toured with Big Thief and Fennesz in the UK/EU and the USA respectively. 

"Recorded between Köln–Berlin train journey, the mix explores an in betweenness of moving time and different conscious states ebbing sounds that contrive this feeling." KMRU

photo by Thukia.png


Photo Credit: Thukia



Jus Kno' – Hidden (KMRU remix) 

perila – over me

Fields We Found Touch 03_A_Place_I_Know 

Félicia Atkinson Pieces of Sylvia 

Emily A. Sprague A Lake 

anthéne Silver Birch

KMRU blurred thresholds 

LB Marszalek Morrow / Sorrow 

Meitei Sento [Pt.II]

Igor Dyachenko – fused platters 

KMRU – aporias beam 

Bridget Ferrill & Áslaug Magnúsdóttir Gossip 

Marina Herlop miu (Choir Version)

Sofie Birch  Surface Pan (feat. A. Fabrin) 

OHYUNG symphonies sweeping! 

KMRU resonant sharing

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