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PURE Guest.027 Budino

Like a dashing gale, the autumn ballata makes you sway.


The first time got into Budino's music was through her mix for Dekmantel. Her reimagined vintage soundscapes, where you can hear vivid rhythms and tribal elements interspersed with basslines and melodies that flow subtly, brightly, and elegantly. Each mix brings the listener to a different story, and we are honored to have her record this mix for us.


Since moving to Berlin from her native Italy in 2012, she has spent just about every penny her earned on records. Afro, Italo, funky, new wave, disco, soundtracks, you name it, she has it. The diversity of her taste slowly but surely won her the ears of people in the know and she became a resident for Discodromo's party CockTail d'Amore in 2015. With a diligence to seek out the perfect music for every moment, Budino has spent many years honing her craft creating unique edits that breathe versatility into the music she has dug deep to find. She has also been responsible for curating the fourth edition of Love International's compilation series "The Sound of Love International."


"This mix is an hour of full-bodied astral rhythms, haunted Balearic and broken machine funk." Budino

Budino - Credit. Jessy Marchetti.jpg

Photo Credit: Jessy Marchetti



Notstandskomitee Uhrwerkwelt (1.5)

Matt Walsh Shake the Mind (extended version)

Marcello Giordani Fase Rem (Instrumental)-Omri Smadar In The Realm Of (feat Siam)

Donald's House – Melodies on the Meridian

Red Axes Rhythm Passage

Teniente Castillo Wormhole Till 6 AM (Theus Mago Remix)

Tagliabue Canto Nativo

Günce Aci Dream Of The Sirens (Modular Project Portamento Retouch)

Donald Dust  Origial Gothic Rhythm Trax

DJ Rambo  Fuck R.A

Franz Scala Salto Mortale 

Headman Be Loved (Modular Project Instrumental)

Marvin & Guy Targa (Long Drive - feat Sebastien Bouchet)

Cate Hortl Construction On 

Megabeat Ducted 

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