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PURE Guest.028 MSJY

A cozy patch we found in days of moisture.


The Disconnect rep plays her role in a range of scenes: vibrating darkened dance-floors with bass-heavy cuts; and a gentler touch to daytime slots with alluring, cross-genre provocations. A selector who is unafraid to both own and shift the script, this time MSJY took us outside her comfort zone to record a special mix.


MSJY has a foot in many different scenes and brings them together in bold, brazen sets. Born from OOST club of north NL, her sonic character continually changes form. Taking early shapes in residencies with Noorderling, De School, Griessmuehle, and currently OXI Berlin, she shifts to bill without compromising her sound and unafraid to provoke; her sets weave bass heavy sounds, dark vibrations and dense IDM into logic-defying musical journeys that counter the dark and light sides of her personality in compelling conceptual ways.

"For my online sets, I like to have a storyline or thread, and this one felt like a set I was missing from my collection, so to speak. A deep 130 BPM calming mix to sooth the raver after a night out when eyes are wide open and they want that good shut eye soon. It was challenging for me since 130 BPM is not a range in my comfort zone. A lot of these tracks I have been gathering in the last 6 years so it felt nice to swirl them all in one, with flashbacks of earlier DJ days." —MSJY

 draiimolen .jpg

Photo Credit: Draaimolen Festival


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