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Sharp light in between the fog surrounding and the cold wrapping.


The Hong Kong native YANLING has captured dance floors since 2012 with her bold style and where she perfected her robustly intricate musical flare. Today she is based between Berlin and Zurich, playing in big-name clubs like Tresor and RSO Berlin. She has also appeared in line-ups at music festivals and cultural institutions from NYC to Beijing. Her techno-orientated DJ sets are prone to having energetic, bass-heavy percussions infused with emotional power and vivid futurism with invigorating synthetic and atmospheric soundscapes.


As a producer, YANLING has a hold on varying dystopian-like sonic registers, mixed with a heavy float of airy synths. She takes rhythmic cues from hypnotic renders and raw impulses — leaning in on a cinematic sphere with more ephemeral textures. Merging sinister effects with a particular luminosity makes YANLING's sound boundless, carrying listeners between her varying experimental productions and live performances occurring within institutional contexts.

"There are many ideas floating in my head and that's one sort of way, to release my inner urgency." —YANLING


Photo Credit: Lukas Städler



Rrose Swallows

Abdulla Rashim  Red Pool

Takaaki Itoh  Error Polynomial (Oscar Mulero Remix)

Reeko  Weak Spots

Rasser  Hidden Sins

CONCEPTUAL Vigo e Vegeto

Tensal Unethical

Gareth Wild Illusions (Oscar Mulero Remix)  

A-R-K Albtraum

Arbitrage  HON

Francesco Argentieri Mind Control

Zachary Lubin  Protocypher 01

Nørbak  Pária

Temudo 20 Minute Challenge

Exium  Erosion 2

Szmer Collapse 

Lewis Fautzi  Ionisation

BRÄLLE  Hallucination Failure

Toru Ikemoto Sleek88 (Angioma Remix)

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