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PURE Guest.032 RUI HO

Leap and hop into the dazzling lanes.


Chinese born RUI HO has been based in Paris, Berlin and is now finally back to their roots in China after relocating to Shanghai, China. RUI HO has been making buzz with heavy and playful DJ sets throughout the European experimental underground scene as well as in China. RUI HO has quickly integrated into various cutting-edge creative scenes, becoming the darling of underground culture, fashion shows and media, and also the most exploratory, recognizable and internationally influential transgender music producer, DJ and singer in Asia.

Self-expression especially as a queer self-discussion, has always been throughout RUI HO's musical journey. After releasing their well-received debut EP "戰記" in May 2017 on Shanghai-based Genome 6.66 Mbp become more and more famous, debut album "Lov3 & L1ght" was released on the legendary British label Planet Mu in 2020. 2021, RUI released an EP "Tension" in collab with the cross-media music label digi that has been in preparation for two years, presenting the emotions and intimacy of the queer community in the present, facing danger, marginalization and instability in an open and global society.


RUI HO is clever at using Vocal in their works, incorporates elements of R&B, Reggaeton, Hip-hop, Hyperpop, Makina and many more plus traditional Chinese sounds, it seems like a hodgepodge, but under RUI HO's imaginative arrangement structure, they have served out plate after plate of unexpected and inspiring Chinese creative dishes. In addition to being interviewed by Vogue, they has also received praise and reports from popular media such as The Guardian, Dazed, DJ Mag and Resident Advisor, and was invited to well-known scenes such as CTM Festival, Boiler Room, Red Bull Music Academy, Sonic Acts, and Berghain.

"This mix is about connecting ravers around the world, I love fast dance music and great outbursts of melodies or drums because I love the direct energy they bring. I hope this mix can really capture people's attention right from the start and keep them intrigued with fun, unexpected drops and transitions. Just would really want people to have fun with it."—RUI HO




Yung Lean – Yoshi City (DJ R.vxN edit)

Asquith – Enter the Core

Derb – Derb

Trevor & Simon – Hands Up

Dj Fili – Welcome Style

Nina Kraviz – dissociation club version

Raveolicious – Holding On

DJ Godfather – D3T-313

maniken05 – in the club

x/o – Red Alert (RUI HO Remix)

Slick Shoota – So Gudd

Summer Walker – Constant Bullshit (DJ R.vxN Edit) 

Europa – Vorne Links

FAKETHIAS – Playground

DJ Godfather,Six Foe – Whatcha Got

JAKAZiD – D/D/P/U (Original Mix)

Phace,Misanthrop – Sex Sells

Ground – Swindle

PinkPantheress – I Must Apologize (DJ R.vxN trancy edit)
BSS – Volta Interlude (Forthcoming)

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