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PURE Guest.034 Call Super

The first light comes through the mist.


Call Super is the primary moniker of Joseph Richmond Seaton, a DJ and musician who has carved out his place in the electronic music landscape. Here is somewhere you can fall into and dissolve. It is a colourful world that throws a mist over the boundaries that have become commonplace in electronic music.


His record "The Present Tense" provided the launching point for Houndstooth (the label arm of London Fabric). The following two releases, "Black Octagons" and "Depicta/Acephale," cemented his status as one of the brightest new talents to emerge in the current wave of producers disturbing the musical landscape. Then his debut album, "Suzi Ecto" came out, widely regarded as one of the standout long players of 2014. Pitchfork described it as one of "the most evocative sound worlds that the genre has seen" it featured in many annual polls from WIRE magazine to

Resident Advisor, topping those at XLR8R and Juno Plus. 


His second LP "Arpo" arrived in 2017 and was greeted with similar praise to his first, with The Guardian hailing it as "outstanding" and DJ magazine naming it Album of the Year. Alongside his work as Ondo Fudd for The Trilogy Tapes, his collaboration with Beatrice Dillon for Hessle Audio in 2018 and two releases for Dekmantel it marked another rich creative period.


"Every Mouth Teeth Missing" followed in 2020, another example of how he created intricate, emotive electronic music that defies easy categorization. His father, painter and Dixieland-style player David Seaton appeared again with his woodwind contribution. These clarinets and oboes have become an hallmark of many of Seaton's productions either as Call Super, Ondo Fudd. 


His latest EP "Swallow Me" was released in 2022 on can you feel the sun, the label he now runs with Parris. It's two tracks showcase his distinctive sound, blending elements of techno, house and avant-garde vocals from Kamala Sankaram. The EP has been praised for its intricate textures and hypnotic rhythms, with tracks like "I Love Like Your Man" drawing listeners into a dreamlike state. This is another strong addition to Call Super's impressive discography, further cementing his reputation as one of the most innovative producers in electronic music today.


Call Super entry into the Fabric mix CD canon was chosen as one of the mixes of the decade by Resident Advisor and "brought to mind one of Salvador Dali's famous clock facesat almost every quarter-hour a tactile shift takes place, where sounds seem to melt away, revealing a strange new psychic space." — Pitchfork. 


This deft ability to craft sets known for their hypnotic intensity and musical breadth has taken him around the world from headline slots at Sónar festival's 25th anniversary in Barcelona to his regular appearances at the Golden Pudel, Hamburg famous Sweatbox and Panorama Bar in Berghain. In addition, he is one of the headliners of the upcoming Organik Festival 2023 in Taiwan.


"Thanks for inviting me, I'm so looking forward to visiting Taiwan for Organik. There is a lot of the new music I have been playing over the last month or two in the mix and I wanted to build that around the Seefeel version of Violaine. It's been such a fun start of the year in the booth and I wanted to share some of that inspiration here."— Call Super




Georgia Kelly – Seapeace

DJ Ojo – Coiled Up

Porter Brook – Trakt II

Arkajo – Tape 17

Ntel – Swarm (Scanner Remix)

LWS – Seriously Soda




Santa Muerte – Laberinto



Convextion – Solum Ferrum 


Coen – Pressure Roll

Porter Brook – Second Shift

Cocteau Twins – Violaine (Mark Clifford Remix)


Vince Watson – Techture 2


Celica – Celica 08



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