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PURE Guest.036 M.E.S.H.

Recording of the first hour from M.E.S.H.’s set at FINAL 4th Anniversary.


James Whipple is widely recognized as a groundbreaking and visionary artist for his innovative contributions to forward-thinking electronic music under the name M.E.S.H. Hailing from California but a long-time resident of Berlin, James is a resident DJ for the renowned club night and record label Janus.

James's first release was the 2012 EP
"Share the Blame" on Dyssembler, which featured a remix by Teengirl Fantasy. He traded remixes with Fatima Al Qadiri and Arca and released several well-received mixes, and was signed to PAN in 2014. His earlier work for the label included his 2014 EP "Scythians," 2015 album "Piteous Gate," 2016 EP "Damaged Merc" and 2017 album "Hesaitix," which were among the most adventurous in the scene. On 2019's "Hart... aber Fair," he shared a collection of club-focused tracks inspired by the heyday of the Janus party.

James's music initially sought to challenge the inertia of 2010's club culture and go deep into the sonic dynamics of dance music. He collaborated with Tzusing on the inaugural release on PAN's
"Split" series of limited edition white labels. The record features Tzusing channeling twisted grime and demonic dancehall on "Circa Taipei" and "The Whistle," while on the flip M.E.S.H. delivers his own crushing take on dancehall with "Atemlos" and freakshow tech-house on "Festival Circuit."

As a DJ, James showcases his unique approach drawing from both the obscure and the popular, with a driving hard club sound tinged with humor and emotionality. M.E.S.H. is a boundary-pushing electronic music producer and DJ whose work continues to inspire and challenge the norms of dance music.

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Photo Credit: Nadine Fraczkowski


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