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PURE Guest.037 STILL

The rhythm engraved in the traces of history.


Milan-based producer and artist from PAN, Simone Trabucchi, is a veteran of the Italian experimental music scene, having previously released under the moniker Dracula Lewis. With Hundebiss Records, a label and happenings series he founded and curated, he has accumulated a number of seminal releases. In 2016, Trabucchi launched STILL, a new project that started as an exploration of the histories connecting his hometown of Vernasca to Ethiopia and Jamaica. Wild, fun and futuristic, and a thoughtful examination of the global cultural flows which shape electronic music, "I" a nine-track album via PAN—featuring Trabucchi's personal reinterpretations of computerized dub and early digital dancehall.


With his unique, nomadic approach is sure to continue to resonate with listeners and viewers alike. His interest in the connections between Italy's colonial past and the cultural connections led to the creation of a visual arts project "Negus," under the moniker Invernomuto, a collaboration with Simone Bertuzzi started in 2003 that focuses on moving image and sound, while also integrating sculpture, publishing, and performance. As part of "Negus," the duo presented a series of works—sculptures, installations, a book, and a long-feature experimental documentary, screened at Unsound 2016, Tate Modern and worldwide; and within STILL, Trabucchi connects these research threads, evolving their sonic and linguistic aspects further.


While working on the project, Trabucchi created music inspired by its themes, using Jamaican dancehall riddims as a starting point. He eventually enlisted six African-Italian MCs and singers to collaborate on the project, resulting in STILL's debut album, "I." The album features a riotous meshing of dancehall rhythms and bass music, and has been one of the most original and striking releases in recent years. He sees his work as a way of exploring global cultural flows that shape electronic music and providing a thoughtful examination of those flows. As part of his creative process, Trabucchi often integrates various forms of technology, from acoustic instruments to analog and virtual synthesisers.


STILL's latest work, KIKOMMANDO, released by PAN and Hakuna Kulala in 2021, is a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary project that showcases the vibrant and heterogeneous Kampala music scene at a particular point in time. The project includes a mixtape, a video series, and a book project that offer a snapshot of the music scene and the artistic talents of eight Kampala-based artists. The project was born out of a two-month residency at the Nyege Nyege label and collective's villa in collaboration with their sublabel Hakuna Kulala, where producer Simone opened the door to his temporary studio in the city and a crucial cross-cultural collaboration was born.


STILL is now touring worldwide with the Ugandan MC Ecko Bazz and djing internationally.



Photo Credit: Michele Sibiloni, Jim C. Nedd



Klaus – Qua

Rian Treanor – ’96 Nerve Campbell Remix - unreleased

Brodinsky x Low Jack – Andaman Sea

Hassan Abou Alam – Abrade

Amor Satyr & Siu Mata – Nah

Dj Plead – El Es

Piezo – Skinner

Henzo –  I Can See The Fatigue in You

Notte Infinita – Unreleased

Toumba – Janoob

Scotch Rolex and  Shackleton – Opium Variation

Destrata – What Dreams Are Made Of

Pugilist – Daggers

Kryssy – Wine & Go Down

Toumba – Petals

Agostino – Pizzica Sisri

Flore – The Fiery Principle

Rian Treanor & Ocen James – Agoya

Introspekt – Style So Hot

Hyroglifics & Sinistarr  – Turn Up

Compa – Commandament

Fulu Miziki – N'Djila Wa Mudujimu

The Modern Institute – ¯—˘˘—¯

Beneath – Legs Eleven

Mike Ratledge – Sequence 2

Dublicator – Perpendicular Networks

D.M.D Most High (Rapture Dub)

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