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PURE Guest.038 Torus

Dreamlike heaven soundscape.


Torus is an alias of Joeri Woudstra, a multidisciplinary artist based in The Hague. Since debuting in 2012, the RMBA Tokyo graduate has refined his artistry through impressive and varied roles such as soundtracking Telfar's Ugg collaboration, presenting a piece with Kate Cooper in the New Museum in New York and creating an installation for documenta 14 on echoes of pop culture co-produced with Malibu. His latest projects include "333 Mirrors" on the legendary Berlin imprint Tresor Records, and a deluxe version of the now cult ambient classic, "The Flash," with DJ Lostboi (Malibu), due for release this summer. "333 Mirrors" debuted its live A/V show at Kraftwerk Berlin and King's Place London this year, in collaboration with video artist Mark Prendergast. The project started under the "These Cars Do Not Exist" banner at Leipzig's Institut Fuer Zukunft Balance Festival during the Covid pandemic, exhibiting a 24:24 video piece of looping choir samples and scattered MIDI sequences in both art and club contexts.


In the club, Torus stretches the boundaries of dance music. His recent output may have a distinctly melancholic and ambient feel, but his DJing offers a headier, more maximalist approach. He dissects and reconstructs scenes to radically alter their social function, using technical skill to explore the emotional and personal aspects of sound intuitively.


His desire to design a fuller experience is exercised Laser Club. Here, Torus turns his experimental practice towards rebuilding the generic club encounter. Independently piecing together all aspects of the experience – from the lineup, social context, to the stage design: expect lasers, strobes, lights and smoke. From The Hague to Seoul to New York, Laser Club is born out of a necessity to create and claim our own spaces. With recent guests including Actress, Puce Mary, EmmaDJ, Mechatok, Toxe, Kode9, Hannah Diamond, Kamixlo, Instupendo, Dorian Electra, Crystallmess, Oli XL, Harm van den Dorpel and 70386357.


This summer, Torus is gearing up for a full festival schedule, including hosting a day at Amsterdams Garagefest, co-curating the Xray stage at Lowlands Festival, and playing mainstage at Draaimolen Festival, B2B with Evian Christ. In addition, he recently opened the enigmatic Club Laak in his home grounds in Den Haag, where he has been busily curating exciting club lineups and designing its now-iconic flyer series.

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The National I Need My Girl

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