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PURE Guest.057 Mika Oki

Sculpting sonic landscapes and visuals.


Brussels-based Mika Oki is a polymath of the arts, seamlessly blending her background in  sculpture and electro-acoustic music to craft immersive experiences that defy conventional boundaries. Her journey as a visual artist, DJ, and producer has been marked by an exploration of intangible spaces and emotional landscapes, manifested through A/V installations, music compositions, and captivating mixes. 


Much like a sculptor meticulously wielding her tools to shape raw materials into intricate forms, Oki's selections as a DJ exhibit a masterful finesse and meticulous preparation. Whether she's captivating audiences on the airwaves or igniting dance floors, her sonic palette traverses genres with an effortless grace, showcasing a penchant for UK sounds like drum and bass, UK garage, 2-step, and grime. Her eclectic mixes effortlessly blend nostalgic dance anthems with obscure gems, weaving together disparate elements into a tapestry of sonic coherence that never fails to astonish. Venturing into the realms of DJ and radio shows, Oki translates her atmospheric experiments into pulsating sets that blur the boundaries between explosive bass, dub, mutating vocals and ambient narratives. Her footprint spans adventurous festivals such as Dekmantel, MUTEK, Nyege Nyege, TodaysArt, SONICA and CYNETART.

Oki's artistic vision extends beyond the realm of music, as she delves into the world of A/V installations, where she employs abstract sound textures and kinetic visuals to orchestrate  mind-bending experiences. Her work transcends mere performance, offering audiences immersive journeys through audiovisual landscapes that blur the lines between reality and abstraction. Collaborating with artist SKY H1, Oki brings her taste to the forefront in the mesmerizing A/V installation titled "Parhelia." Drawing inspiration from the natural phenomenon of sunlight passing through hexagonal ice crystals, the installation envelops audiences in a kaleidoscopic experience of light and sound. Seamlessly blending projections and ethereal soundscapes, "Parhelia'' transcends traditional boundaries, offering a sensory feast that captivates both the eyes and ears. 

© Thomas_Ost_MikaOki_16_HQ.jpg


Photography by Thomas Ost



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