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PURE Guest.003 Tomás Urquieta

Lively bizarre sounds from Chile.


Tomás Urquieta is a Viña del Mar-born, Mexico-based Chilean experimental DJ/Producer. "Manuscript" was his first EP in 2015, before dropping "La Muerte de Todo Lo Nuevo" EP (Spanish for The Death Of All That Is New), a gloomy release of broken techno akin to a soundtrack to a deserted land. Tomás Urquieta went on a European tour, in the same year, 2016, he opened shows for Moderat and Nicholas Jaar in Chile. Then, Urquieta made his highest statement in 2018, "Dueños de Nada," the legendary Aphex Twin also played one of the tunes at the Festival Ceremonia, a "departure" from his earlier work and one that expresses his accumulated anger at the state of the world through an industrial concoction of punk, techno, and more experimental electronic fanfare. 


He’s since toured Mexico with sets at Festival NRMAL and at Ensamble's JAM007, supplementing these appearances with guest mixes for the likes of NTS, Radar RadioXLR8R and Crack Magazine as word spreads of his work. Otherwise, Rinse France and his label Filiae released a mix series - Rinse France Filiae invite.

"I thought I would weird out a lot of people because I tried something different, once again."


"I needed something new, but it is selfish to ask people to do something that I like, and for that reason I started doing what I wanted to hear." 


Dark, glacial and suspended in stasis, Tomás Uruieta's mix further explores the moods and textures of his own productions and could be a feature of the releases from his label  Filiae. His new album "El David Muerte" will also released on Filiae soon.

PURE G Select:

Tomás Urquieta  The Curtain Fall [Infinite Machine]

Tomás Urquieta Síntesis de Fricción [Insurgentes]

Tomás Urquieta Me Rehuso a Pensar [Infinite Machine]

Tomás Urquieta3.jpg

Do you think there has been a Soundscape surrounding you since your childhood? Does it influence your preferences towards certain timbres or atmospheres while you select tunes?


Completely, the path that I have traveled in life has always been accompanied by very unclear soundscapes, that is where my great interest in music is completely born, it has a lot to do with being in constant learning.


How and where was the mix recorded?


Mexico - CDMX, software mix, there is a lot of improvisation with strange things that I am trying. 


Could you tell us the idea behind the mix? Any favorites you want to highlight? 


I'm looking enough references that I currently have, try to get away from everything I had been doing since 2015 until the pandemic, both in my dj sets and in my productions, I want everything from 0. Favorites… easy; Avernian, Ploy and Metrist. 


Would you like to use this occasion to introduce one of your album or tracks? What was the concept of it?

There is a track from my new album, a version that I don't know if it will be the final one, but it is present in the mix. I would be delighted to be able to elaborate even more but I think we better leave it for a next opportunity.

How do you think of the differences between the rave scenes around you (your country) and other countries (cultures) ? Have you ever been to one that left you a greatest impression?


Ufff difficult, they are all very different, now I could not determine exactly but obviously when I was younger if I liked Berlin, from Santiago de Chile I can not speak at all because I was not at a party easy 5 years ago, and Mexico has always been one of my favorite places to play, and Asia soon (I hope).

Apart from DJ, how would you define your role in the entire rave scene?

I'm a programmer of weird sounds.

Which artists or labels have pricked your ears recently? Could you share with us some of your favorite movies or artists?

Currently I really like a Spanish artist named Santiago Sierra and Teresa Margolles (Mexico).

Musician; well, everything new from Diego Noguera (Chile) I really love his work and I'm very happy to work with him in Filiae.




No Artist Intro (Trails Of Transhistorical Love)

Metrist Qaqq Ata 


Maurizio Domina (Carl Craig's Mind Mix)

Coni Into The Silly World

No name No Name (Unreleased)

Neel Sciara 

Makaton All The False Idols (Loktibrada Remix)

Shifted Sektor B

Ulwhednar PIR Motion Detector

Fetnat Devol

Bruce Longshot

Vargtm No Knowledge Of Sorrow Or Regret (Abdulla Rashim Remix)

Ploy Molotov

Tomás Urquieta No name (Unreleased FILIAE)

Coil The First Five Minutes After Violent Death

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