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PURE Guest.011 Pablo Bozzi

The passionate retro feelings are perfectly interpreted in a contemporary way.


The Berlin-based DJ, live artist and producer Pablo Bozzi's music story started when he was 6. He studied classical music and harpsichord at the National Conservatory of Toulouse until 15, then he had just finished his sound design degree in Montpellier and moved to Berlin. He moved to Berlin to advance his musical career, through his project Imperial Black Unit with Templer, he gains recognition in the scene, after a series of releases on respected labels and a Boiler Room in the famous KHIDI club in Tbilisi.


Although Pablo is in Berlin now, he still values the connection with his hometown, Toulouse. There was also a place he got into the electronic music scenes. So there is a collective called Toulouse Gouffre Club created by Pablo and his friends from there. Pablo met Kendal through the Toulouse Gouffre Club five years ago, they were both interested in the same kind of music and started producing together. Pablo featured on Kendal's EP by their first track "Corpo Meccanico" then they began the project INFRAVISION. The sound of INFRAVISION was inspired by the 80's and 90's music and constructed in a contemporary way but could still feel the 80's vibe. 


Pablo's passion for Italo Disco, Synthwave, and the sonic and aesthetic landscape of the 80's led him to release a solo EP "Walk On Wire" on the Berghain resident Phase Fatale's label "BITE". This EP marks the beginning of his will to reinterpret these genres with a contemporary touch. From EBM and techno through new wave to italo disco, new beat and industrial, fusing these together seems something that comes naturally for him. Throughout this unprecedented period, he has been busy honing his sound through several releases and remixes, including the "Last Moscow Mule" EP released on Jennifer Cardini's label "Dischi Autunno", as well as his Second Sight residency on Berlin's streaming platform HÖR.

PURE G Select:

Pablo Bozzi  Reach For The Laser [Ritmo Fatale]

Pablo Bozzi Broken Siren [Dischi Autunno]

INFRAVISION  Illegal Future [Fleisch Records]

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Could you share with us the memory of your first exposure to the electronic music scene in Toulouse? What is the biggest difference do you think of the rave scenes between France and Germany?

I was 16 when I first got into Toulouse electronic music scene through friends from Highschool. Then when I was 17 I joined a party collective, we organized a bunch of parties in one of Toulouse biggest club called Inox Club for those who know! I went party in Berlin for the first time when I was 19 and the first thing that kinda shocked me was the length of parties and I loved it haha, I think that was for me the biggest difference cos in France all the clubs I went to at the time were closing maximum a 7 or 8 am while in Berlin parties could easily go for 24h.

Would you like to use this occasion to introduce some of your upcoming release?

I have an upcoming 6 tracks Ep to come on Jennifer Cardini's label "Dischi Autunno."

I produced these tracks during lockdown and it definitely helped me to not fall appart during those weird times.

From your previous interviews, we know about half of your synthesizers are from the 90s, do you think vintage hardware is still irreplaceable even though DAWs and plugins are so prosperous now?

I would say certains synths like for example a CS80 or a Moog One does have a special grain that can be hard to get with plugins but actually I also think that nowadays the evolution that has been done on plugins is really crazy and if you know what to use and how to use it you can definitely make a plugin sounds like an hardware synth. 

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Which artists or labels have pricked your ears recently? 

I'm always amazed by the work of my friend A Strange Wedding from the label Worst records who's linked from Positive Education team, all the releases of the label are beautiful. Also a good way to give a big shout-out to Antoine et Charles, boss from Positive Education and Worst records. I just came back from the festival they're doing in Saint Etienne and I can easily say that it's definitely one of the best festival in Europe.

Another label I listen a lot is Berlin based label "Radiant Love" and also Paramida's label "Love On The Rocks."

I need also to mention one of my favorite artist who has several alias: Paladin/Molasar/Body Party.

And it's a good occasion to announce that I'm gonna launch my own label "Second Sight" real soon with a first V.A on vinyl and digital including tracks from Gewalt, Ninua, Paladin, Rambal Cochet, Soft Crash, and Zanias.

Photo Credit: Marguerite Bornhauser, Jeanne Pieprzownik 



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