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PURE Guest.020 Valesuchi

The vibrant sound melts in your ears when you bite into it.


Either in the middle of the day or the middle of the night, Valesuchi distinctly translates the vast mixture of her timeless and fertile sonic research, embodied as a big list of questions that have grown at an unpredictable pace through her music production and DJ craft, since she was 15 years old.


With precision and purpose, she stitches and improvises a message, looking to blend each crowd's shadow, expansive aliveness, and sometimes the hidden sense of humor. By choosing people's bodies as a limitless answer, Valesuchi rides the rhythm until there's not much ice left to melt.


Never a lazy digger, the tools she has come from her background in Santiago's risky gatherings and from the lessons learned at the uncomparable raves she's played all over Brazil. She chose Rio de Janeiro as her home base in 2017, a place where techno, funk, desire, and danger coexist.

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How would you describe this mix in a quote?

I would say it's a crunchy tasty bite made with some fresh music ingredients I chose from many gardens ; )


We often hear you smoothly blend a variety of beats and genres in many mixes. What's the most important thing you think while playing this type of mix?

That people are gonna hear the recording of the set online so the circumstances can be very diverse, in a practical and emotional way. So I flow according to that and with the fact that I love and groove many kinds of music. I don't really think about it in advance to be honest, I just know the feeling I wanna print, somehow the atmosphere's texture for that encapsulated time frame.

In a previous interview, you talked about the differences between the music scenes in Rio de Janeiro and your hometown Santiago, and we realize how even the two countries in Latin America can make such a big difference. As an Asian country, our current awareness of the European and world music scenes is partial through the media. But it is clear that the differences between Asia and the western world are significant. Can you tell us in your opinion, what you think about the differences between Latin America and either Europe, North America, or Asia?

I would say we lack a social infrastructure that supports our music scenes and understands them as cultural development. For example, foreign electronic club music "arrived" to an elite first in Santiago and although that's changing, parties and "having fun" it is still somehow repressed in Chile. There's this unconscious ghost of what we see about the "first world" from the distance, but it's all such a perverse weird colonised fantasy also. Our histories are way too different and we really need to stop comparing what we do to what happens in Europe or the United States and sustain our own communities by what they truly are.

Photo Credit: Paola Velasquez 



Omar Contri – B1_ITWLP003_004

Doctor Jeep – Dimension

Flore – Evidence (Azu Tiwaline remix)

Leo Pol – Brazil (Vocal by Keke)

Böhm – Maniacally

INVT & Nicholas G. Padilla – Dia Mundial

Valesuchi – Autopoietic Unboxing

Isabel Lewis – Erotic Love As Sociability Original Performance Mix

Nuron – Eau Rouge

Borderlinestate – Red Lines have an end

Phyzical Flex – Ritual

Erik Luebs – Alarmed

John Shima – Prototype

Tom Place – Liberation

James Bangura – Tribeca

Capetini – Baile Maneirissimo

Junn – Desposeer (Lunate Remix)

Bango – Mystical Adventures

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