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PURE Guest.025 Jin [靜]

Feel the balance between movement and stillness, with the subtle harmony.


Jin [靜] is Taiwanese and a London-based DJ, musician, and sound artist. Her music mixes various textural and experimental analogue noise elements. Jin uses synthesisers, modular, and multiple types of microphones to do field recording for her music. In order to provide her audience with a meditative perception of listening, her live performance focuses on creating an artistic abstract atmosphere through the free improvisation set-up. In recent years, she devoted herself to the field of sonic art, she is trying to build up her own instruments and DIY microphones to make unique sounds. By using sound diffusion, abstract light and moving images to represent her artwork, the soon latest personal sound exhibition will happen at Bedern Hall in York for Aesthetica Short Film Festival from 1-4 November 2022.


"I chose this track-list in Germany, and I made the mix when I was right back in my London studio. When visiting Berlin, I got lots of new inspiration and listening experiences and was quite excited when I did a techno mix again. The build-up at the beginning of the mix comprised of 2 tracks that I made with Japanese artist yolabmi combined with my favourite sound artist Pauline Oliveros' tracks and then used Shoal's incredible drum beat to melt into the main techno movement. After a long techno journey, I selected Ry Cooder's guitar solo piece. I really enjoyed this moment as it surprised the audience, and the acoustic sound also made me feel fresh and light. " Jin [靜]

Jin [靜]_Image_1 - Photo by Hao Huang.jpg

Photo Credit: Hao Huang



yolabmi & Jin [靜] Zipf's Law - VII

Pauline Oliveros Water Above Sky Below Now

Uwalmassa Guram

Pauline Oliveros Primordial

Jin [靜] x yolabmi Zipf's Law - I

Shoal Think Twice

Meredith Monk Vision

Hems stain

Duo Lane Embryo III

Xin Ni Night Bells

Bas Dobbelaer Between Phases

Kontinum Kapteyn (Biocym Afternoon Mix)

Unknown Location Site M2

Biocym Moving Shades

Anechoic Space Partitioning

Doctrina Natura Wicca

iajov Endless Circle of Motion

Reggy Van Oers Ingrained (Acronym Spatial Remix)

Polygonia Drifting Clouds

Ry Cooder – Powis Square

Kevin Silalahi Bagian 2

Uwalmassa Putung

Sæbius Lurk in the Water

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