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PURE Guest.033 Hysteria Temple Foundation

A bridge between ambient, techno and bass music.


Hysteria Temple Foundation is a musical partnership born in 2019 between 2 French artist Paul & Samy focused on tribal rhythm, etnik and dark atmospheric texture to found an harmony between the deeper and more psychedelic, making a bridge between ambient, techno and bass music inspired.


Working from the beginning on a visual and musical live show highlighting their whole universe, it is on the stage of the "ElectroAlternativ" festival in France that they will play first.

In 2021, the duo created their own label imprint call « HTF », initially designed to be able to express oneself completely , where they released the very first HTF001 vinyl named "Athrahasis" ep, and featuring Gabriella Vergilov. As soon as the album was released, it immediately received support from many well-known artists such as Tzusing, Lena Willikens, JASSS, Hodge and many more. This year, the two artists are still evolving, to offer us the HTF002 "Ritual" ep, feat Alina Pash, which was released in March. They will be performing live set at the Organik Festival this April.

"A deep chronicle into our universe, developed from mental and psychedelic exploration to charming rhythms."Hysteria Temple Foundation




Formen Current

Asifeh Dead Motor

Rastegah – Meso 116

Human space machine Zone 170

DYL & DB1 Transverse Waves

Slacker Dulled Voice of Anger

Dailiv – Onix

Antidote – Longer ( pessimist remix)

Silent Society – Psychedelic Angels

Hysteria Temple Foundation Alkadian

Gamma intel – Trust

Magugu x Le Motel Kindness Weakness On Topper

Buried Alive Untitled

Worg Oracolo

Otodojo One Stem

Escape from Barcelona – Auf Der Strasse

Fiesta Soundsystem – diaphphanousdiaphophresis

Solar Society Logarithm

Flat Maze Petardo Boy (Dinamite Remix)

ADMINISTRATOR stamina [required field mix]


Enayet Phiriya

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