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PURE Guest.035 Soshi Takeda

Roam along the nostalgic path sprinkled by warm.


In the 1960s space age, people had wild imaginations of the future and unknown boundaries. In the 80s and 90s, computer-generated graphics just introduced, leaving a deep impression on those who experienced it. Although the visuals of video games and movie effects back then pale in comparison to contemporary ones, they were filled with a desire to further explore the virtual world. With the passage of era, past technological products have become relics, replaced by all things digital in movies, music, and other fields. Even we can get everything in this era of HQ, convenience, and speed, when we look back on the past. We still feel deeply moved, and their imperfections make them attractive. It is also a music space created by Tokyo-based producer Soshi Takeda. He extensively uses synthesizers and samples from the 90s to infuse old video game soundtracks into Deep House music in a post-vaporwave form.


Soshi Takeda's EP "Floating Mountains" released in 2021 by 100% Silk, sounds like a greatest hits from the millennium era. He uses his vintage synthesizer to palette sounds in RPG games, such as the "Myst" and Larry Heard's album from the late 90s and early 00s, as well as House music produced by Soichi Terada and Shinichiro Yokota. The intersection of these three genres creates a unique listening experience. 


In comparison, "Same Place, Another Time" released in 2022 via Constellation Tatsu, has a more consistent sonic palate. After several beats and similar presets, a feeling déjà vu that sets in. For those who followed the Balearic revival, this feeling might be stronger. Balearic fuses Synth Pop, Yacht Rock, Acid House, Faux Raggae, and Ambient music in a slightly hippie and candy-flipping style, which is a hard-to-define, easy-to-discern musical sensibility.


In addition to "Same Place, Another Time" and "Floating Mountains," his first EP "Memory of Humidity" was released in 2020 under the Dotei Records. Each have received a lot of praise and attention at the same time, and have been featured on Pitchfork, Dazed, etc. Notably, he is going to perform live set at FINAL Taipei on 15th April.




FOUR TOPS Still Water (Love)

Peter Hunningale Rocking You Eternally

Pacific Coliseum Universe Surfin'

Brijean Walkie Talkie

Blaze The Garden(Original Mix)

Chez Damier Close Radio Edit

Loosefingers DeepInside(Original Mix)

Mogwaa I Hear the Voice

Space Ghost New World Energy (Sunset Mix)

Gnork Yoga On E


Hanna Shimmer (Original Mix)

Benedek Afterglo

Telephones Blaff

Manuel Darquart Down 2 Dance

Ultraflex Rhodos

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