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PURE Guest.039 Toma Kami

The fast-paced bass pioneer from Paris.


Toma Kami is one of the most exciting rising DJs and producers in Paris, as well as the brain behind the label Man Band, providing a platform for emerging artists to showcase their talent. We highly recommend his EP "Abel Dans," a collaboration with PAN artist Erwan Sene. Whenever he releases a new 12-inch vinyl record or his famous energetic DJ mixes, Toma Kami always breaks free from traditional forms, constantly exploring the playful aspects of his style. He skillfully bends and manipulates drums and bass, incorporating them into the worlds of house, techno, breaks, bass, footwork, and leftfield contemporary club music, creating a fresh and captivating experience.


Toma Kami just released his new EP "Speed Oddity vol.II" on his label Man Band few months ago. This EP is far from straightforward and traditional, showcasing his unique style and exploratory spirit, which continues the exploration of fast-paced bass rhythms seen in the previous album, "Speed Oddity," but with a tropical flavor. The fourth track also features a collaboration with Paris producer Amor Satyr. The fast-paced bass scene from Paris is really on a roll at the moment, with Toma Kami, Amor Satyr, and Siu Mata being representative figures of the scene. As his recognition continues to grow, we can expect more exciting works from him.


Toma Kami delivered an incredible performance at last year's Dekmantel Selectors, bringing boundless energy and intricate rhythms to the crowd. In the upcoming month of June, he will embark on an Asia tour. Prior to that, he has treated us to this week's mix, which takes us on an an exhilarating journey, effortlessly dancing between different emotions and rhythms, captivating the listeners with its graceful transitions and undeniable passion. It's unpredictable in its course, even throwing in unexpected moments of hip-hop that somehow fit perfectly, making you irresistibly eager to hear how it will continue to unfold.



Photo Credit: Neven Allgeier




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