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PURE Guest.040 CCL

Liquefaction of rhythmic and melodic matter.


One of our favorite artists, CCL, is a DJ/producer, organizer, and photographer born in London, raised in the United States, and currently based in Berlin. CCL is renowned for their bold innovation and eclectic style, delving deep into the intersections between UK, Midwest US sounds. They possess a high degree of mastery in traversing various genres and rhythms, weaving together different musical styles through their unique storytelling. CCL opens up wormholes in rhythm, effortlessly navigating between genres and tempos. There is never any cliché or predictability in their set. They excel in dub, bass, experimental club music, and skillfully incorporate the best elements of DnB, infusing it with intricate broken beats. With their exceptional skills, CCL sculpts narratives, skillfully constructing kaleidoscopic visuals filled with countless surprising details and twists, leading to unexpected territories.

This week, we bring a one-hour sonic adventure, a live recording of CCL at the PURE G event, showcasing their imaginary world. From the dampness of a futuristic jungle to the bubbling sounds of boiling water, you'll hear an array of different rhythms seamlessly liquefied in a mesmerizing journey. All the sounds and energy presented by CCL aims to highlight the interconnectedness of all existence, whether through making our bodies sweat, expanding our minds, or deeply touching our souls. Extending beyond their personal output, CCL is a key producer for New Forms Festival in Vancouver, Decibel, and Corridor in Seattle all North American festivals sharing a common thread of uplifting sound and visual artists through forward momentum and community, and is a member of the TUF collective, a local collective focused on community-building and creating visibility for underrepresented artists in dance music.


Throwback to the era from 2015 to the present, there are few DJs whose mixes have evolved while consistently maintaining high quality quite like CCL. Their unique vision and masterful, storytelling mixes have earned them immense praise through their contributions to Unsound, Crack Magazine, c-, DISWOMAN, TRUANTSDekmantel, and more. Their curated liquidtime mix series aims to immerse listeners deeper into the elusive emotional realm of the music they find captivating. Each episode revolves around a loose theme, accompanied by a carefully crafted visual image. These themes evoke surreal and abstract associations, such as "Spooky Water," "Gilded Feathers," and "Magma Venom." This series has also expanded into subglow, an event series curated by CCL. Also, they're currently in the works of launching their own label, so stay tuned for more updates.

"This is a section of a live recording when I played at FINAL in Taipei for the PURE G night in February 2023. The club's Cronenberg interior inspired me to play to the harder, darker edges of my sound, while keeping it surreal and dynamic. Big ups DJ Hojo, Xin, the PURE G crew, Sulk, YuY, Karen, Sayang, Grace and all the lovely people I met there on this wonderful trip."CCL



Photo Credit: Canh Nguyen


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