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PURE Guest.041 Kineta

Fast-paced, deep psychedelia journey.


Kineta is composed of the two acclaimed trance producers Oprofessionell and Alpha Tracks, two of the most prominent artists in today's blooming neo trance scene. Both are known for their fast-paced, psychedelic trance inducing sounds.


Filip Storvseen also known under the alias Oprofessionell is one of the co-heads of the Oslo-based trance collective Ute and the record label  Ute.Rec. With a wide spectrum of releases under different aliases and projects, he has become a central figure in the trance scene the last couple of years with his innovative take on the genre. A distinctive sound of neo-trance blending modern trance sounds with 90s inspirations, playing with feelings like euphoria and psychedelia. With appearances on institutions like Saule, Berghain and about:blank in Berlin, as well as an Australia tour in early 2022, he is truly stating his position in the revival of trance music. This can be heard on projects like "Kineta" (together with Alpha Tracks) and "Omformer" (together with Mikkel Rev), to aliases as "Repulsive Force" and "Oprofessor" to name a few.


Felix Benedikt, alias Alpha Tracks, is a producer based in Vienna, Austria. At the beginning of the millennium, he received his basic musical education under the wings of Erdem Tunakan at Cheap Records and started DJing. From 2012 till 2018 Benedikt worked at TONGUES, a Viennese record store with an in-house studio, where 2016 the project Alpha Tracks was born. The first release on Erdem Tunakan's reactivated label Morbid has had a strong international resonance. The music of Alpha Tracks is mainly produced live on analog machines, often with different guest musicians, focussing less on technical fetishism than on live dynamics of studio collaborations. The result is a sound that refers to the rave era of the early nineties. Alpha Tracks blithely ignores tempo limits or taste doctrines. Aesthetic taboos or even fragments of often maligned genres, are not picked up as a retro fetish but are folded into the contemporary oeuvre with playful Viennese charm.


Ute is a Oslo-based collective which started out hosting forest parties. Hosting their main label Ute.Rec, together with the sub-labels Sinensis and Translusid, their signature sound is to combine deep psychedelia with high energy beats.


This is Kineta's first mix on stream, effortlessly capturing the creative symbiosis shared between two producers while embarking on a journey from the 90s to the modern world of psychedelic dance music. Enjoy it!

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