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PURE Guest.042 Brodinski

Boundary-pushing star from Paris.


Brodinski is a DJ/producer hailing from France and is considered one of the prominent figures in the Paris electronic music scene. His works encompass a wide range of genres, including electronic dance music, hip-hop, blues, and industrial music, and he consistently strives to create unique sounds rather than confining himself to a specific style. This diverse musical taste sets him apart in Paris.

Over the course of his career spanning more than a decade, Brodinski has traversed the realms of electronic music, hip-hop, crossing underground and mainstream culture, always finding himself associated with heavyweight artists across various genres. He quickly rose to fame, receiving endorsements from renowned DJs such as Busy P, 2 Many DJ's, Tiga, and Erol Alkan. Early on, Brodinski collaborated with A-list stars like Boys Noize, Gesaffelstein, and Justice. His mission is to collaborate with as many people as possible and share his passion for electronic dance music.

"I've always loved collaborating with other people, cause I get bored too easily. When working together, my head gets fed all the time, new ideas come flying from all directions. The more projects I'm involved in, the more I elevate this feeling to new heights."—Brodinski

Brodinski's early style leaned towards electro and techno, but in recent years, he has undergone a transformation, continuously breaking genre barriers and incorporating more industrial and experimental elements. He also focuses on blending electronic rhythms with rap. One of his most notable works was his involvement, upon invitation by Kanye West, in producing the songs "Send it up" and "Black Skinhead" for his album "Yeezus." In addition to this, he has collaborated with numerous renowned rap stars such as Danny Brown and 21 Savage. Always pushing forward, Brodinski has now expanded his reach to connect with contemporary experimental music pioneers, collaborating with the likes of Slikback, Safety Trance, Modulaw, and Japanese hip-hop rising star Tohji.

This mix is a live recording from Brodinski's show in May this year at FINAL Taipei. He effortlessly transitions between various styles, displaying a seamless flow and keeping the energy on the dance floor at its peak.



Photo Credit: Antoine Maokhampio



Off The Meds – Belter 

Léonce – Calamity 

[MTG] TENSIONS (weird baile x walton)

Mc Buseta Feat. Kaydy Cain – Novinha (Prod. King Doudou) 

De Schuurman – Poenka 

DJ Lycox – VE SO

Dominowe – Zulu in War 

Weird Baile – Faz a pose agressivo dos baile

Lil Reek – Drip 

Spotemgottem – Drill 

Giulia Tess – Square 

Pedro – Rapazes 

Safety Trance & Brodinski – Filling The Void 

Blacksea Nao Maya – Me Stressa a Cabeça 

Maffalda 2023 – m4n3kl_

Brodinski Ft. Doe Boy – Gang 

Brodinski & Modulaw – ZRS 

Lazuli – Pica (Modulaw Remix)

Griffith Vigo – DJ 

Lil Double 00 Ft. Nardo Wick – Meet The Walkers 

Hoodrich Pablo Juan Ft. Playboi Carti – Servin & Swervin 

Yung Beef, 645AR & Pablo Chill-e – Sosa (Prod. SenseiATL & Brodinski)

Shawny Bin Laden – Bonsoir (Prod. Modulaw & Brodinski) 

Isabella Lovestory Ft. Mc Buseta – Humo (Chicken Remix)

Dj Lag – Let’s do this 

Dominowe – Welcome To Albkebulan 

21 Savage – No Target (Prod. Brodinski) 

Kenny Money – Stupid Dumb 

Dj Deep – Stressed 

1080 – Lick it 

Brodinski Ft. Lil Patt – Everyday 

Johnny Cinco – Get me some More (Prod. Brodinski) 

Ludwig Wandinger & Brodinski – Reptilians 

Safety Trance Ft. Arca – El Alma Que Te Trajo

Skilibeng Ft. F.S. – Whap Whap 

Turkana Ft. Mbogi Teamsly – Backbiter 

Merca Bae – Morder 

Sangre Nueva – Moskito 

Merca Bae – Volta 

Beat King Ft. Gangsta Boo – Mashing (Prod. Brodinski) 

Modulaw & Brodinski – Edgewater 

Tzusing – Balkanize 

DJ Plead – Shoulder Pop 

Safety Trance & Brodinski Ft. Yung Beef – Da Igual 

MC 7Belo – Vai Com a Potranca

Wrack – Meteora 

HXMGOD – Anti Fed Up (Instrumental)

Dice Ailes – Otetola with the money 

Reddo & Brodinski – It’s a Go 

Lil Reek – Rock Out (Prod. Brodinski)

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