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PURE Guest.043 Le Motel

Cutting-edge club sounds that make you shake.


Hailing from Brussels, Le Motel's world is a vortex of sight and sound that takes in the many and varied corners of the planet. As a music producer and film composer his versatility has taken him to festivals and clubs in every direction as naturally as he has ventured out to the less accessible areas of the globe as a field recordist. It's somewhere in between these spaces that Le Motel operates, gathering unique experiences and sounds to channel through his studio.


With a background in graphic design it's not surprising that there's a visual trace element across all of Le Motel's music. And it's perhaps why he's so readily adapted to composing for film. Whatever the pace of the track, whatever template you might think he's experimenting with and slowly revealing, the evocative collages that swarm around the rhythm is what marks his productions and sets them aside from the crowd. However, he's now out to present his own unique work that he's been brewing all this while. The intervening years have seen Le Motel take time out from his own productions to step in and pilot some of Belgium's biggest hip hop artists into their hard-to-miss fame.


However, he has now established his own label, Maloca, to showcase the forward-thinking and most exciting sounds he has been cultivating, reaffirming the direction he explored in his previous albums: a blend of drum, synthesizer, African tribal, Latin America influences like Gqom, Reggaeton, Bass. Maloca has already released several exceptional works, featuring contributions from notable exoticism producers such as DJ JM, Griggit, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Nick León, Howie Lee, and himself.


Le Motel continues to focus on incubating different links between different influences and cultures. A capsule for this new mission is his collaboration with Brussels-based artist Antoine De Schuyter, who has worked with many musical artists at the cutting edge of AV design. Together the pair have put together a fully modular AV show to be performed live, and to be kept in a constant state of evolution. Alongside this, Le Motel continues to build his repertoire as a formidable DJ, and was invited to compose the soundtrack for Bottega Veneta AW2023 collection.



Photo Credit: Bottega Venetta



Katatonic Silentio – To

Nikos – Metaturnal

Tammo Hesselink – Round

Yuto Takei – Tarski

Tammo Hesselink – Sorry About That

Al Wootton – Remelino

DJ Polo – Three Tribes

Neana – Nymph Drums

Tammo Hesselink – Rather Stationary

Blawan – Careless

DJ JM – Interjail

DJ Polo – Bloodhound

Leikeli47 – F**k the Summer Up (feat. Biker Boy Pug)

Dismantle & Van Basten – Smack the Door

Nikos – Nothing To Undo

3Phaz – Drum Track (OMAAR remix)

Rhyw – Salt Split Tongue

Coen – Pressure Roll

DJ JM – Owned

Granul – Syncopated

Le Motel – Helix

El Irreal Veintiuno – Retiembla

Dj Pilin – Gatita TEMP HOP

Pangaea – Installation

Chloe Robinson & DJ ADHD – Steamin

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