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Pleasure of pain.


In the labyrinthine expanse of the UK's underground music scene, a sharp and resolute force cut a path of bloodshed — KAVARI. With an electrifying stage presence and a unique fusion of industrial, ambient, club, tearing sound design and alternative electronica, she has etched her name onto the landscape. Having graced the stages of some of the most renowned venues in the UK, KAVARI rose to fame with an unstoppable darkness and annihilative energy, etching her name upon this arena of sand, symbolizing an intense journey of sonic exploration that transcended all genre boundaries. Indescribably sharp noises resounded beautifully under her manipulation, cleansing the ferocious soul.


KAVARI's cutting-edge and electrifying performances craft a vivid dichotomy between delicate ambiance and an undercurrent of dark rhythmic vigor. A product of Birkenhead and now rooted in Glasgow, KAVARI's wellspring of creativity draws inspiration from a diverse range of genres, encompassing drum and bass, industrial, hard dance, noise, and '90s electronica. This artistic fusion gives birth to tonally intricate tracks and edits that seamlessly traverse the boundaries, even venturing into the realm of pop. Her debut, "if the benign was to ever be so pure," released in 2021, stands as a testament to this expansive musical vision. The EP, adorned with two beatless tracks that evoke the haunting echoes reminiscent of early catalog moments from Warp, is a sonic canvas painted with propulsive breakbeats and pulsating '90s rave energy.


A nomination at the 2022 Scottish Alternative Music Awards for Best Electronic Artist for this EP marks a defining achievement for KAVARI. The recognition was the precursor to a series of self-released mixtapes, EPs, and singles that solidified her artistic trajectory. Her latest creation, "Suture," unveiled just a year later, acts as a sonic chronicle of evolution. This EP, comprising four tracks of heightened darkness and markedly abrasive textures, showcases the rapid transformation of her sound. Notably, this year at the Dour Festival in Belgium, the legendary Aphex Twin brought her track "Attachment Style" from the EP to life on stage.




KAVARI – I want you to breathe

G Jones & EPROM – On My Mind (RamonPang Flip)

Low Poly – Body/Mind

Skaggy – Brutal Like It's 2002 (Hex)

Porter Robinson – Fellow Feeling (Shadient Remix)

Kraysh – Shrapnel

Rezz & Shadient ft. fknsyd – Blue In The Face (KAVARI Remix)

Ship Sket – Zone 2, Ice Spice, Deftones [SS Affluzium ED1T]

Skin On Skin – Burn Dem Bridges (Nia Archives Edit)

EPROM – Remorse 

What So Not – Divide & Conquer (Noisia Remix)

LEViTATE – Harbinger


Blackhaine – And Salford Falls Apart

16BIT – Can You Show Me What Head Is

Throbbing Gristle – Betrayed

clipping. – Piano Burning

Miwako Chinone – Saferoom

7038634357 – Winded (KAVARI Edit)

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