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PURE Guest.045 Piezo

Unpredictable percussive twists and turns.


Scaling the liminal nexus of UK club futurism with tempoless inhibitions and adventurous textures in sound, Piezo explores the kinetic infinites of dance music's vast permutations. Luca Mucci's output as Piezo revels in the hi-def synthetics of sound sculpting, pirouetting through off-kilter frameworks of total dance crud in a remarkable multiplicity of psychedelic variations.


Cast from the embers of dubste's heyday experienced from his native home of Milan, he temporary relocated to Bristol enjoying an immersive spell in the city's legendary sound system culture and vibrant alternative music community. Releases on British labels Idle Hands, Swamp81 and Facta & K-Lone's Wisdom Teeth followed, plus a turn for Orson's Version imprint based out of Berlin.


Ansia was founded by Piezo in the midst of this, a label acting as his creative appendage for wild dancefloor tools by himself and fellow club deviants characterised by a mischievous attitude and wry humour to both composition and sound design. It is currently 6 releases deep, featuring a mix of various artist compilations and solo turns from Luca himself, including 2023's "Odd Hooks" EP.


Following that, he makes an exciting debut for kindred dance futurists Nervous Horizon with the "Cyclic Wavez" EP, a shape-shifting, hyper-detailed and funnily weird record, stretching into a vast, yet coherent, sound exploration. Remixes and V/A contributions in between continue a prolific release schedule in 2023.


Piezo weighs all of his influences and experiences together with a ferocious appetite for percy wrigglers in his celebrated DJ sets and mixes. Applying his limitless ideology to open ended dancefloor narratives, he traverses quite wild bpms and styles with a remarkable flair best exemplified in sets at Terraforma Festival and mixes for FACT, Animalia and Crack Magazine.




Simo Cell – prelude to a quest

Nasty Soupman – unreleased

Nahi Mitti – Ayesha

Unknown Artist – B2 (uu006)

Donato Dozzy – Toru

Yushh – Kara Arriba

Lukas Wigflex & Son of Philip – Godstruth ft. Des Hagenasty

Sepehr – Head To The Sky

Bass Clef – neon black and vulcane


NHK'Koyxen – 501

Ghostride The Drift – B3

The Rootsman meets Muslimgauze – Cairo Brothel

Frmd – Gloom

Toupaz – unreleased

georg-i – unreleased

bonebrokk x Aroent – A Phantom Blade

Peder Mannerfelt – The Great Stink

Ikävä Pii – Schwartz Wharf

MM – Timbo's March


Toupaz – unreleased

GЯEG – Fane KK

talpah – So Pretty

Unknown Artist – 00000000000

Naco – Mozu

Polonius – Pawn Jaws

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