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Club explorations from the East African and Congolese Electronic Underground and beyond.


HAKUNA KULALA is Nyege Nyege's sub-label, founded a year and half after the launch of NNT in July 2018 by Arlen Dilsizian, Derek Debru and Rey Sapienz. Initially focusing more on club explorations from the East African and Congolese Electronic Underground the label has  since expanded to showcase new emerging MC talent from across the continent, focused on emerging South African producers and started to release artists from further afield whose sound is in conversation with their own, like Japans T5UMUT5UMU, China's 33EMYBW, Mexico's Tony Gallardo and Moldovia's Wulffluw XCIV.


Hakuna Kulala has helped launch the career of several important African experimental club producers including Kenya's Slikback, Uganda's Don Zilla, Congo DRC's Rey Sapienz, and South Africa's Menzi, as well as rappers like MC Yallah and Eckobazz. 

Nyege Nyege focuses on exploring new avenues to champion an emerging generation of artists based in Kampala, Uganda that promotes outsider music by African artists. It was founded in 2015 by University lecturers Arlen Dilsizian and Derek Debru. In addition to organizing ongoing parties and an artist residency, the collective runs two record labels and a multi-day annual festival. Its name refers to a Luganda word describing "a sudden, uncontrollable urge to dance."

Artists affiliated with Nyege Nyege have toured throughout Europe, US and Asia, now performing over 250 shows annually. We are very honored to present their unique sounds to Taiwan.




Aunty Rayzor Bounce feat Cristo de fonk

Aunty Rayzor Tonedo feat Ill Gee

Aunty Rayzor Doko feat Slimacase

Scotch Rolex tewari

Tony Gallado La Conquista

Tony Gallado Tormenta

Tony Galardo Mi Rpessa

Biga Yut Kampala

Slikback Zuhura

Mc Yallah (Ndi Mukazi) Jay Glass Dubs

Rey Sapienz On est Bon la

Rey Sapienz Hakuna Kulala

Mc Yallah & Debmaster T712

Mc Yallah & Debmaster TT14s

Menzi Impazzamo

Menzi Minimal Surge

Menzi  Undrground Aphanasi

Wulffuw XCIV Durilla

Wulffuw XCIV Endelea

Wulffuw XCIV ii

Wulffuw XCIV Ash baby

Wulffuw XCIV Nyege Digital Immersion

Wulffuw XCIV Turberossa

Scotch Rolex feat Don Zilla Afro Samurai

Scotch Rolex feat Lord Spikeheart Lapis Lazul

Scotch Rolex Wa Kalebula

Scotch Rolex feat. MC Yallah Omuzira

Ecko Bazz Kyusa Embela

Ecko Bazz Nightmare song

Biga Yut NU13

Biga Yut Cash Boss

Mariiio  Izanda

Mariiio   Ubhuku

DJ Skothan The king of Gqom

DJ Skothan lhafaza

T5umut5umu Fireball

T5umut5umu Bottomless Valley

T5umut5umu Desert

Aunty Rayzor Nina

Aunty Rayzor Murder

Ekhe feat. Eckobazz Tuli Banyo

Debmaster  Crocodiles Homiess

Debmaster Space Tribe

Debmaster ????

Otim Alpha Tongwen

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