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PURE Guest.048 Async Figure

Robotic canine hymns to pull your strings.


Async Figure is the ultimate alliance of UK based visionary artists Suda and MM. The culmination of their 15-year artistic collaboration, maintaining a secretive and low-profile presence. In 2018, they made their debut at the Unsound Festival in Krakow in 2018, this set was recorded and shared on the Unsound Podcast, delivering a live show characterized by high-speed sonic excursions and industrial metal sounds, weaving together moments of serenity and ecstatic dynamism. Their transcendent performance was described as a "deeply immersive" experience, marking the emergence of a new futuristic aesthetic. Later, they were discovered by critically acclaimed experimental electronic artist Tzusing, the founder of the label Sea Cucumber, who was greatly impressed upon hearing their work, and they have been collaborating ever since.

They are renowned for co-founding the cutting-edge UK electronic music label, Her Records, over a decade ago. In the 2010s, they couldn't stand the cookie-cutter mainstream Techno and House music of the time, so they decided to do it their own way. In what was known as the "deconstructed club" music era, it was virtually impossible to set foot on a dancefloor at any underground club night in the major cities of UK, Europe, US and Asia without hearing a Her Records release, firmly establishing themselves in the history of UK electronic music and directly contributing to the birth of the Hard Drum genre.

As a distinctive subgenre of UK electronic music, Hard Drum is characterized by its high-impact percussion, asynchronous rhythms, and the absence of traditional melodies, with a strong aversion to 4/4 time signatures. Influenced by Latin American rhythms, UK funky, and Tribal House, its beats are body-pumping, making you want to move your hips. It's widely recognized that the Bristol-based artist NKC played a significant role in popularizing the genre. However, he once mentioned that the true foundation of this style was MM's self-titled work, the "MM EP," released in 2015.

Her Records made waves in South London with their high-speed, scorching dance music experiments, even attracting the attention of renowned artist Björk. For them, that fearless and adventurous spirit was, in fact, a vehement resistance to the corrupt party culture of their time. When the label quietly came to an end in 2017, the two main figures embarked on a completely new creative approach. They abandoned their previous heavy percussion style and established branding, opting instead for a foundation of thousands of audio sketches and melodic fragments. They continuously executed remixing and re-editing, creating a self-generating, metabolizing, and regurgitating system of creative production – a departure from traditional human-directed thinking. Async Figure's music is more like a self-replicating independent life form.

While Async Figure's music is filled with fragments of UK dance music elements, it's challenging to encapsulate it within established templates or genres. Their latest work, "It's Pulling My Strings," feels like a spiritual cleansing, with sharp, pounding melodies gradually encroaching on your ears. This nearly 20-minute sonic rampage shatters the boundaries of everyday perception, conveying an abstract narrative of irrational experience. The album cover features a mechanical dog surrounded by toy soldiers, pondering the mysteries of human destiny under the backdrop of highly developed technology.

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PURE G Intro

Akira Yamaoka Rain of Brass Petals (Three Voices Edit)

Tzusing feat. Suda Clout Tunnel (Edit)

NKC & MM / N.E.R.D. Beamstar (Opherings Edit)

NKC Strak

Suda / Portishead The Portal Link

NKC & MM Grindhouse

Async Figure The Way

Async Figure / DJ RD DA NH Quero Async

Suda / Tera Octe  Deaf God 

Async Figure / Jahlil Beats Jahlil Settings 

Async Figure Disciple 

Raphia Nesk

500 / Uninamise Crisis Victim #730

Suda The Clamps

MM Haake Club Tool (Tokyo Jetz version)

Omagoqa Gida

Tzusing Gait




Moa Pillar Vaxa


Async Figure Executrix Tool

Tzusing Muscular Theology 

NKC Shadowboxing (Bonus Beats)

MM Argentum Tool

Async Figure Bad Gateway

Sandy's Trace Beholden

Massive Gain Expensive Taste

Async Figure Rover (Devil Mix)

Async Figure  Dionysus Drums

Pukepuke Te Pate Te Vaka (Edit)

Sueuga Revelación Diecisiete 

Ninos Du Brasil Chamas E Fumaça (Edit)

Async Figure Spectral Deadline (MC BOKHINA & POLYVOX Version)

Hajj I Know What U Fear

Suda / Nindja Frost & Emotion (Una Mattina) 

Async Figure 88 Rumour 

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