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PURE Guest.049 Meuko! Meuko!

The gods of the Ghost Island that can hear.


Taiwanese electronic music and sound artist Meuko! Meuko!, a pioneer in experimental electronic music and new media art fusion, begins her work with her unique sound - its shadowy atmosphere undercuts glitchy dance tracks loaded up with samples and toy noises together with A/V created in collaboration with Taipei Based Visual & Installation group NAXS corp. Each performance contains improvisation and elements of new works, combining disciplines of improvisation with conceptual ideas of noise, clubbing, strange sounds, field recordings that conjure at times ritualistic performances with sources tracing back to Taiwan's own spiritual landscape. 


Her enigmatic and mysterious musical aesthetics are infused with the essence and contemplation of East Asian island culture. In recent years, she has performed globally, including at Berghain, the UK's Somerset House, and the Taiwan Biennial's opening performance. She has also served as the Taiwan representative DJ for the NTS Radio, establishing herself as an international figure. Through her sound narratives, Meuko! Meuko! contributes to the reimagining of Taiwan's indigenous culture, solidifying her status as one of the leading figures in contemporary experimental electronic music in Asia. In 2018, she released the album "Ghost Island" on the Swiss label Danse Noire, which drew on internet terminology with undertones of national identity crisis, conveying feelings of anger, isolation, and a primal, transcendent state. This album transformed Taiwan's social context into a science fiction allegory and garnered praise from major media outlets such as Pitchfork, Mixmag, The Wire, and RA.


On November 11, Meuko! Meuko! will join forces with Taiwanese media artist NONEYE to present the "Invisible General" project at the first edition of the adventures electronic music festival, eel Festival in Taipei. "Invisible General" is a symbol, a statue formed by fragmented bodies in the ever accelerated digital era. Confronting the vulnerability of individuals, and the violence in the invisible and tangible form, it seeks for power of  connection and resonance, to create a narrative to walk through an ever alienated world. With Meuko! Meuko!'s sound as its core, the project investigate mythology, tech-animalism, gaming culture by utilizing tech embodied expression such as real-time 3D engine, generative AI and motion-capture. With the format of live audio-visual performance, the audio signal will be wired to the realtime visual, driving the lighting and effects, while the visual movement is also controlled and improvised along the music in realtime. Since her groundbreaking use of game engines and 3D scanning technology in her 2018 album "Ghost Island," Meuko! Meuko! has been recognized internationally for her ability to transport viewers between abandoned urban landscapes, dreamy mountains, and virtual temples, bringing the experience of virtual souls to the party stage and presenting a science fiction allegory for today's world.

PURE G Select:

Meuko! Meuko! – 鬼島 Ghost Island [Danse Noire]


Meuko! Meuko! – Rebels of the Neon God [Sea Cucumber]

Meuko! Meuko! – 眾​神​廟 The Temple [Danse Noire]

Meuko! Meuko!.jpg


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