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PURE Guest.051 Yu Su

When nature encounters the synthetic, a poetic harmony of strings and melodies emerges.


Growing up under the sunlight of Kaifeng, Henan, and bathing in the moonlight of Vancouver, Yu Su's fluent musical language spans various stylistic labels. Her music seamlessly blends cultural roots with the environment she inhabits, forging a modern Silk Road connecting different regions. While DJs exploring diverse genres is no longer a novelty, her music retains a unique quality, characterized by a graceful and warm comfort that unmistakably belongs to Yu Su. Proficient at finding common tonalities in diverse music, and skillfully bringing order to chaos.


Her solid classical foundation transitions into electronic production with rare faltering, earning her debut album, "Roll With The Punches," a spot on Pitchfork's "Great Records You May Have Missed in 2019" list. The second album, "Yellow River Blue," reflects on the landscapes along the Yellow River from her childhood but also incorporates the tones, instruments, and pentatonic scales of traditional Chinese music, further anchoring the album to her homeland. Despite its rigorous compositional precision, the album meanders like a slow-flowing river, with each bend bringing discoveries.


As one of the most talented Asian faces in the electronic music scene in recent years, Yu Su has gained recognition in major music festivals and radio stations for her unique selection, imaginative musical landscapes, and meticulous transitions. Her mixes have consistently topped monthly and yearly charts on prominent music platforms such as Resident Advisor, Mixmag, and Pitchfork.



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