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PURE Guest.053 upsammy

Sculpture-like sound resonate through the space.


"Space is something I'm really developing in my music," she explains. "Often I get inspired by surroundings," she continues. "When I'm in a certain place, and there's a certain smell or atmosphere, that really inspires me. So sometimes when I make a track, it kind of resembles this moment I had in this specific place."


upsammy was a resident DJ at Amsterdam's much loved De School nightclub and words like "adventurous" are often used to describe her sets. As electricity blossoms and leaves glisten, upsammy creates interpretative space, cleverly paradoxical in its concurrent comfort and desolation. Known for her keen ear for crystalline melodies and intricate rhythms, her name is Thessa Torsing; she transcends traditional genre boundaries, creating a space where the digital and organic harmonize.


Collaborating with visual artist Sjoerd Martens, upsammy's live shows unfold kaleidoscopic terrains, blending micro textures and field recordings to construct a vivid narrative. Since last year, she has also developed live a/v performances with multimedia artist Jonathan Castro, who also handled her new album cover art, coinciding with the release of her new album. Rooted in an adventurous and narrative approach, her DJ sets mirror this vividness, drawing inspiration from trippy electronics, IDM, experimental DnB, and oddball techno. Torsing's multidisciplinary background in Image and Media Technology from Utrecht University of the Arts influences her unique aesthetic, blurring the lines between the synthetic and natural. Her curiosity about the rhythms and vibrational qualities of her surroundings is reflected not only in her music but also in her explorations through sound, photography, and video.


As upsammy continues to bridge the realms between the microscopic and gigantic, her music becomes a thoughtful alternative, crumpling the landscape in an era obsessed with flattening. With each composition, she invites listeners into immersive worlds, teeming with vibrant details and enveloping soundscapes, solidifying her position as a trailblazer in contemporary left-field music.


The evolution of upsammy's musical journey is evident in her discography, featuring releases on renowned labels such as Nous'klaer Audio, AD 93, Dekmantel, and PAN. Her sophomore album, "Germ in a Population of Buildings," delves into ambiguous environments, showcasing her fascination with shifting landscapes and the discovery of strange patterns in different ecosystems. On this album, upsammy's sonic exploration reaches new heights, moving beyond the dancefloor-centric vibes of her debut "Zoom." Tracks like 'Being is a Stone' and 'Constructing' exemplify her mastery in sculpting electro-acoustic rhythms and psychedelic textures. The title track, "Germ in a Population of Buildings," captures the essence of her evolved process, trapping the skeletal trace of IDM in amber, allowing her sonic landscape to develop organically.



Photography by Neven Allgeier, René Passet, ClaraBellés


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