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PURE Guest.055 Helena Hauff

Her entire existence is as refreshingly analogue as her record collection.


Helena Hauff expertly curated DJ sets spanning acid, electro, techno, EBM, and post-punk. Her powerful drum beats collide with freely wandering melodies. Her sound is tailor-made for those who appreciate raw, yet restrained intensity, dragging the dance floor into a frosty abyss. Her debut album "A Tape" in 2015 garnered attention for its intricate manipulation of sound, where she meticulously arranges gritty and rough noises, filling in the gaps with rhythmic intricacies. Her other releases, "Discreet Desires" and the EP "Have You Been There, Have You Seen," experimentally layer and intertwine, with twisted waveforms akin to rusted artifacts, creating an unfriendly listening experience that compels bodily movement to escape Helena Hauff's auditory swamp. It evokes sounds from the Hague's western coast in the Netherlands—blending synthesized tones of Italo Disco with the gritty spirit of Detroit. Despite its unfriendliness, "Have You Been There, Have You Seen" still offers warmth and rhythmic service to dancers with tracks like "Nothing Is What I Know" and "Gift." This year, renowned dance label fabric Records recognized Helena Hauff's unique selections and released "fabric presents Helena Hauff," recreating the dance scenes she once fostered at the Golden Pudel club in Hamburg, Germany.

Gigging incessantly (and still lugging a heavy box of records across the world), Helena's reputation earned her an invitation to join the BBC Radio 1 Residency. She was the subject of cover features for Crack Magazine and DJ Mag, played headline sets at Sonar (b2b with Ben UFO) and Dekmantel, and at the end of 2017, Crack Magazine declared Helena "The Most Exciting DJ In The World (Right Now)" and her ballistic BBC Essential Mix was voted the best of 2017. With razor-sharp precision, her melodies redefine Electro/Techno, adhering to her signature cold and dark taste over the past decade, regardless of current musical trends. Utilizing turntables for minimalist yet forceful performances, she effortlessly navigates between peaks and troughs, even with the risk of needle skips, confidently rolling cigarettes as she cruises at high speeds between highs and lows, making her a unique and standout figure in the scene.

This mix is excerpted from Helena Hauff's live recording at the PURE G event on December 15th last year. We feel honored to have the opportunity to present this.



Photography by Daniel Feistenauer, Keyi Studio, Ray Zhao


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