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PURE Guest.056 Omen Wapta

Portal to the unknown past and future.


Omen Wapta is an electronic music label and multidisciplinary platform based in Delft, Netherlands, founded by Dutch artist Woody92. The word "Omen Wapta" has no intended meaning, it just it. It aims to take listeners into unexplored realms of the mind, sparking illusion-like visuals. Through ever-changing textures, vibrating frequencies, and expanding spaces, it ventures freely across different dimensions. The label endeavors to mark a faint sound suspended in the universe, with each album featuring crisp, high-speed percussion that echoes as if falling into a pit teeming with reptiles and insects, emitting creaking and cutting sounds, while also transmitting the chanting of shamans, swirling up raw and primitive energy, invoking wisdom from the ancient world in the jungle. Since its establishment in 2021, the label has released seven albums, including productions by JEMAPUR, Yuki Matsumura, Loek Frey, Floid, and Harald Unnk, covering a range of themes such as physics, geometry, murals, ancient civilizations, natural logic, and cosmic observation. The newest record OW7 will be released on April 30th.

Woody92 is a visionary artist dedicated to advancing rhythm tribalism, hypnotic Techno rich in spatial soundscapes, and the revival of contemporary Goa and Psy-trance. He values the relationship between music and visual aesthetics and has produced tangible results like Omen Wapta. Leveraging his interest in graphic design, visual art and clothing design, he explores sound from different perspectives, crafting a rare and profound mix of mind-expanding experiences. He has built an international but close-knit circle of creative friends and collaborators who all work on fresh future music for his Omen Wapta label, which he calls "a transitory playground for the imagination." This mix exclusively features music from Omen Wapta, it's a blend of music that really reflects the label's aesthetic — like ancient buildings and sculptures in a fractal world, deconstructing and reconstructing endlessly.

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Photography by Jeroen Dankers, Martijn Kuyvenhoven



Harald Uunk & Loek Frey Dooha Ritus

Loek Frey Cite Dialogue  [OW3]

Loek Frey Dismantled Zone  [OW5]

Loek Frey Prisme Avance  [OW3]

Loek Frey Evane  [OW3]

JEMAPUR Inf-Gravity  [OW1]

Yuki Matsumura An  [OW2]

Harald Uunk Ksir  [OW6]

Harald Uunk Honesty  [OW6]

Forthcoming Omen Wapta 

Forthcoming Omen Wapta  [OW8] 

Forthcoming Omen Wapta

Forthcoming Omen Wapta  [OW8]

Harald Uunk Authen

Forthcoming Omen Wapta [OW8]

Floid Dufus  [OW7]

Floid Gizuh  [OW7]

Floid Simr  [OW7]

Harald Uunk & Loek Frey Dooha Ritus

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